tortoise breed

  1. torttywaffle

    New to tortoises please help!

    I am planning to get a tortoise and have an outdoor enclosure for him, however, I do not want a tortoise that will hibernate because I don't trust myself in doing so. And with an outdoor enclosure, I cannot keep it warm 24/7 so that he will not hibernate. What kind of tortoises will not...
  2. That MF Wolf

    Looking for a small tortoise in Japan

    I am living in Japan and looking in to get a tortoise that stays small like Russian tortoise but I want to know if there are any that don't need to hibernate. I will keep him/her indoors. Also, I need one that is beginner friendly. Can anyone help me pick out a type that fits?
  3. Curious-cat

    What tortoise is this?

    Hi , I found a turtle out on the road (i'm in France Paris) and I don't know what species it is? I was thinking Hermann? (It probably escaped someones yard...)
  4. S

    advice on the perfect tortoise for southern california?

    Hi everyone! I'm so grateful to have found this forum trying to scour for information on the web for how to raise a happy and healthy tortoise. I live in Pasadena California (lows in the winter down to 40s and highs in the summer up to 100; quite dry/arid) and am curious what what might be an...
  5. T

    HELP! Mouth problem!

    Hi, I have a two year old Russian tortoise called Ted, as of the past two weeks he's been acting as little funny with regards to his eating habits, he usually chomps his food and almost completely clears his bowl every time, but lately he has not, and he's been eating rather slowly. Noticing...
  6. M

    Looking for some direction.

    Hello. I don’t not have a tortoise yet. I am still doing my research on what’s the right fit for my family. I visited our local animal teaching zoo (moorpark) and asked the staff some questions. I have a few questions and hope you guys can help. Few questions I had were already answered. We...
  7. N

    Determining Tortoise species

    Hi all, I’ve just adopted these three tortoises from an old man due to him not being able to care for then anymore. I want to give these tortoises the best care they deserve, but I am hoping for your guys help as I’m new to this! I have no idea what breed of tortoise they are or their sex...