Looking for a small tortoise in Japan

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Apr 6, 2019
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Tokyo Japan
I am living in Japan and looking in to get a tortoise that stays small like Russian tortoise but I want to know if there are any that don't need to hibernate. I will keep him/her indoors. Also, I need one that is beginner friendly. Can anyone help me pick out a type that fits?


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Oct 26, 2011
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Be aware that even the smallest species of tortoise need lots of floor space in a safe enclosure. They are active and have the need to roam. Most species need a floor area of 4’x8’ (1.5x2.2 metres) minimum though they can manage with less as babies for the first 2-3 years.

Tortoises really aren’t apartment pets. As they mature they need outdoor space and they will easily live for 50 years and more so you need to factor your future intentions into owning one.

I recommend you read the TFO care guides and use them to get an idea as to what is involved with keeping a tortoise. Care of all the Testudo species is roughly the same as for Russians. There’s certainly considerably more to it than buying a tortoise and some lettuce.

The guides are written by species experts working hard to correct the outdated information widely available on the internet and from pet stores and, sadly, from some breeders and vets too.

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