1. Ari0413

    Two new leopard tortoises! Help!

    A woman I know didnt want her tortoises anymore. So, I told her I would take them. I made a huge enclosure for them inside my office. However, these tortoises are tiny! Way smaller than they should be for their age! They are around a year and a half old. They are only 3 inches! The shell on top...
  2. iceysea

    Tortoise found, What species of tortoise is this?

    Hello! I'm a new tortoise owner, but I cannot figure out what species he/she is (my family is assuming female after doing some research but we can't be sure). My parents found a small tortoise outside while walking the dog two days ago and we are assuming she is an Egyptian tortoise. She's...
  3. torttywaffle

    New to tortoises please help!

    I am planning to get a tortoise and have an outdoor enclosure for him, however, I do not want a tortoise that will hibernate because I don't trust myself in doing so. And with an outdoor enclosure, I cannot keep it warm 24/7 so that he will not hibernate. What kind of tortoises will not...
  4. That MF Wolf

    Looking for a small tortoise in Japan

    I am living in Japan and looking in to get a tortoise that stays small like Russian tortoise but I want to know if there are any that don't need to hibernate. I will keep him/her indoors. Also, I need one that is beginner friendly. Can anyone help me pick out a type that fits?
  5. janschlo

    Looking to adopt a small tortoise

    Hi! My names Chloe and I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am looking for a tortoise to raise and love. I already have one tortoise, his name is Shelldon and he is a Russian Teacup Tortoise. He's about 5 years old and he's starting to get really lonely. He continues to run into the class of his...
  6. abbieeemarron

    Too big? Too small? Just right?

    I have two Herman tortoises both hatched in the same year (2015) however one is massively bigger than the other (see pic). Tortoise 1 is 387g, 12.4cm carpice Tortoise 2 is 177g, 9.4cm carpice According the Jackson ratio they are both healthy and they are both certainly happy. They’ve had a vet...
  7. D

    Deworming Baby Tortoise

    My baby leopard tortoise is currently undergoing a deworming treatment for 5 days. Im three days into her treatment and I do notice that she has lost her appetite. Yesterday I soaked her in a mixture of pumpkin and butternut squash baby food mixed in with warm water since she hasn't been showing...
  8. M

    My 2 year old Eastern Hermann's size

    (S)he is 42g and has a straight carapace length of approx. 57mm which seems to fit pretty decently on the Jacksons ratio chart, maybe he's a little underweight but its only a guideline anyway. More pressingly however, for his age (2 years, 0 months) isn't he quite small? I feed his shell area...