tortoise enclosure

  1. Marginated.Oakley

    Marginated-safe plants for enclosure

    Hey everyone, my tortoise is getting a little bored with the mix of foods we are giving them so I’ve decided to plant some edible plants for Oakley (7 mo) to graze on in the enclosure. I will plant them on the cool side -along with the buckle weed and succulents I already have planted- and am...
  2. S

    Any tips for new reptile tortoise owner?

    Hello everyone! :) About a year ago my dad came home with 4 tortoises, 3 Sulcatas and 1 (baby) Homopus Areolatus (Padloper). The Padloper fell into my care a few months after that day. I finally got a job, so it was about time I started focusing hard on helping the little bugger not only...
  3. DublinTortyMama

    Take a look at the new enclosure

    Hey Torty parents, Just wanted to share the new enclosure I have for my baby Hermanns, my partner and I made it together from scratch from old pallet wood and ‘Mikey’ loves it!! It includes: -Cave -Wooden arch - Water bowl - Stones -dried dandelions - Bark - Substrate Soil - fake trees -...
  4. M

    Fire hardened wood

    Hello everyone. So I’m having an issue with legs in my tortoise table that keeps the second level up. Can I use fire hardened wood? From my understanding fire hardened wood won’t grow mold but I was unsure if it was ok for a hermanns tortoise. I was going to use plastic but can’t find solid...
  5. Z

    Tiny bugs in tortoise enclosure?

    So recently I've noticed some tiny bugs crawling around in my red footed tortoise cage. I've checked my Tortoise's entire body thoroughly a few times and have never seen any on him except for an occasional one or two crawling on his shell. Other than that they usually are around his water dish...
  6. zackary2431

    Flies in enclosure

    Hello hope everyone is doing ok ! I’m interested in knowing, if anyone of you guys have had flies in your tortoises enclosure, my brother has been informing me saying he sees flies in the tank , I’m very clean in the sense that I completely throw away the previous substrate, vacuum and sanitize...
  7. Marginated.Oakley

    Can someone tell me if my 4 month old’s shell looks good?

    Hi everyone, I am back again with an update and questions on my tortoise’s health. If these pictures look unhealthy in anyway could you please give me any tips on enclosure or diet changes? Thank you tortoise lovers!!
  8. K

    Is ArtResin safe to use in tortoise enclosure?

    I made a little house and stairs for my tortoise but the wood that I "waterproofed" is no longer holding up. I want to coat the wood with ArtResin but not sure how safe it is. It does claim to be a nontoxic resin. Has anyone used this resin in their enclosure? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. B

    Opinions on isopods in a tortoise enclosure?

    hello, i’ve been considering adding some isopods into my tortoises enclosure to aid with the mold. is it worth it? i’m willing to grow colonies to replace them if they get eaten by spiders etc. a friend had recommended them to me and i wanted to double check here to make sure.
  10. B

    Enclosure lid? I live in a rainy area.

    Hello, i currently have my baby hermanns tortoise in a raised garden bed outside. She has a mesh lid, and whenever it rains i have to go and cover her up with a tarp. This is extremely difficult as when i am sleeping it can rain, and the tarp doesn’t always stop all of the water. Here in florida...
  11. A

    Tortoise enclosure size

    Hey everyone! I am new here but have been researching endlessly on the internet for the proper size to make an indoor enclosure for a 5 year old African spurred (sulcata) tortoise. I wasn’t given much information when I got her so she has lived in a 20 gallon aquarium her entire life. When I...
  12. T

    Is my friends enclosure good?

    My friend has this russian tortoise that I'm babysitting and he put it in this tank and I think its 20 gallons. I feed it kale. and the bulbs are a zilla heat bulb and a zilla uvb coil bulb, the tortoise seems healthy but idk if this enclosure is ideal from what ive been reading and I want to...
  13. argus333

    What u think of these???

    I guy I kno builds these as garden beds I told him to sell as tortoises enclosures as well.... they can be made into tons of different shapes an sizes as big as u want to go. An are easy to move around the yard for grazing. As tortoise grows u can add pecies may be good indoors as well with some...
  14. Derekphan97

    Saving place tortoise enclosure

    Hello guys, i m about to get a hatchling hermann tortoise and i have an idea to build an enclosure on budget and saving place since i live in a small apartment. The dimension of the enclosure is 2 by 4 f. The build consist of 3 areas, basking place, grazing place, and sleeping place. Each place...
  15. S

    Half viv/half table. Thoughts on design and potential issues

    Hi all, I'm just asking for advice on where to go with the tortoise home we are building. We have a Russian and he is currently in a 2 foot square vivarium which I know is no good. This is what he came in and not what we put him in. I'll own up and say I got him on a whim and have read quite a...
  16. nicoleann2214


    I’m pretty sure I posted my other thread in wrong part. I need help on either building a plastic tub enclosure or if anyone can look at this and tell me if it would be worth it for a 6 month old sulcata? I’m willing to buy an enclosure but I’m not going to spend over 1,000...
  17. B

    6 month old Med Spur is she pyramiding?

    hi there! i’ve had my baby tortoise for 2 months now and she is 6 months old. She’s always had a couple lumps and was the largest out of her brothers and sisters. I am worried she is showing early signs of pyramiding and am looking for advice on how i can help/if it’s an issue. Attached below...
  18. Autiwara

    Do's and Dont's of building a tortoise table? (RF)

    I'm planning to hopefully build a new enclosure for my 2 year old red foot but with 0 experience in building anything, 0 knowledge about wood and 0 knowledge about insulation I wanted to take some precautions and ask if there are any possible mistakes to avoid making my first enclosure and any...
  19. B

    Tortoise table fluorescent tube fixture

    I'm currently in the process of constructing a new table for my red foot tortoise. I'm going to put in a uvb fluorescent tube but I'm having a problem with actual figuring how to fix the tube to the table. I don't want to use a fixed plastic tube holder as they're heavy, limit how long a tube...
  20. Autiwara

    exo terra large tall (36x18x36/90x45x60) for juvenile red foot??

    I currently have my small red foot tortoise in an exo terra large wide (36x18) but was thinking of switching it out with the large tall, it would still be 36" long but taller so that I could maybe plant some stuff and hang the mvb lamp and CHE inside of the tank by a chain so it wouldn't have to...