tortoise food

  1. gretgonz

    Is Valentine Bush safe for Desert Tortoise?

    Does anyone know if Valentine Bush (Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’) is safe for Desert Tortoises? We have one in our yard which our Speedy ignored all of last year and most of this season since she woke up, but this year it’s flowering much better and today I caught her nibbling on a couple of...
  2. wiery

    How about this brand of edible dried flowers for tortoises?

    I stumbled upon this brand of edible dried flowers for tortoises on an online shopping site, has anyone used them, my RF's diet is currently lacking in this type of flower plant, so I want to add this type of food to her diet. How about this brand of dried flowers, is it suitable for RF? (Or any...
  3. Emilyheartt0rtoises

    Can my tortoise eat this??

    Hi guys! I am getting a Hermanns tortoise in August and wanted to make sure that these random plants in my garden are safe for him/her to eat. If you could help that would be awesome! (Also sorry if the camera quality sucks I took these on my computer so they aren't the best :/ ) Fyi I have...
  4. Sallythehermanntortoise

    Sally enjoying some much

    Sally 1st time eating dandelions
  5. T

    Sub-adult male Hermann's... extremely picky eater or wrong diet entirely?

    Hi all, I'm currently keeping a sub-adult male Hermann's tortoise. I've had him since last fall, and he's just great. However, I do have a few questions about his diet. I was told by the previous owner he was fed fresh fruit daily (strawberries, mangos, etc). To my knowledge, his diet was far...
  6. Paulastortoisejourney

    Tortoise food and seed mix

    Hi guys! I am from The Netherlands and I’m new to this community. Already read a lot of articles. I love it so far! Super helpful. In a few weeks/months I’ll be getting myself my first Greek Hermann’s tortoise when everything is set up and ready. I have some questions about the food I should...
  7. 2turtletom

    Zoo Med and Dried Flowers and Herbs

    I just made a video on how I use @Kapidolo Farms dried flowers and herbs and Zoo Med tortoise food. Who else is using dried flowers and herbs to supplement their tortoises' diets through the winter?
  8. DylannMikeyy

    What different foods should I feed my Indian Star Tortoise

    I had been using a variety of different greens and other things, but I'm looking to enrich my male indian star tortoise more? Are there any foods that I could buy in the store or get online that would be good for him?