1. Chrissy200

    Have been looking very hard

    Hi my name is Christina and I have been looking for a radiation turtle for about 2 months now I am located in st.Louis Mo and will travel for one I just want a baby turtle, but I am not trying to spend $1000 for one. We want to fine one for a reasonable price.
  2. RoyalT_KingKappa

    New Tort Owner

    What’s up everybody! So over the weekend I went out and purchased and Red Foot Tortoise and will def need some help/guidance as I am new to this! I stumbled across this forum while searching and getting to know more about my new buddy (Kuzee). Hope everyone is having a great weekend as I am!!!
  3. M

    Box Turtle 🐢 Poop 💩 Concern

    Hey again, I’m concerned about my small box turtle. My baby has been pooping quite a lot, not only that but the size of the poop is quite large. Is this normal ? Should I cut down on the food ? Thanks 🙏🏻
  4. S

    Swelling on my turtles leg

    I have a red eared turtle which is some 9-10 months old and I feed him 2 times (8-9 sticks of canned turtle food) few day back that can fell in his tub and today I saw swelling on his legs (photo attached) please suggest what should I do? Is he fine?
  5. klaca

    Making the tank "higher"

    Hello! I am rebuilding my musk turtle's tank. I've got bad info and bought short tank, since I thought that 3 inches of water are going to be enough. I would like to add few more gallons of water to the tank, but I struggle with the basking area. My turtle can turn into ninja turtle very quickly...
  6. rtodorovsky

    Hello there! And a few questions :)

    Hello Turtlelers, We got a baby Reeves turtle (Boba Fett) a month ago, and I'm trying to do my best to give him what he needs. I have no idea what I'm doing, the people I know that can talk to about turtle care are limited, so here I am. :) He is happy, swimming, basking, eating, begging (a...
  7. D

    Hi guys.

    Hi guys, my name is Eddie and I've been keeping animals and reptiles all my life. I own 23 turtles( box turtles, sliders, cooters mud/ musk) and I want to get a group of Russian tortoise soon. I take in rescues or turtles that need a forever home, so hopefully someone will be looking to rehome...
  8. Coco517

    Musk Turtle Not Eating!!

    My musk, Pokey, is a four year old female. Her water temp is 72-76, her basking temp is in the 80s. She has UVB and heating. Her diet is varied. Her water has no nitrates or nitrites. About a month ago, she stopped eating. I took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with septicemia...
  9. cristina lazaro

    Is my turtle depressed, or trying to hibernate?

    Hey everybody! So my turtle Lucy spends all day dug into one little spot of the enclosure… She doesn’t come out and hasn’t eaten for two days now even her favorite thing, earthworms (which is really all she’s wanted to eat it all the last five or six feedings… She never touches her vegetables...