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  1. BassMaster4379

    Russian hatchling urine is clear...is this normal?

    I happened to be watching my Russian hatchlings when one of them urinated. I was surprised to see that it was a clear liquid rather than the white paste-like urates that I've seen previously. This made me think a little and I honestly can't remember the last time I found any white urates in...
  2. whortoise

    Baby russian’s pee color

    Hi im super worried about my russian baby, i came home to find the water dish has a rusty pee color and there was some white feces (?) in it. Im worried that she might be sick or something. Ill try to attach an image
  3. 1hotAZmimi

    Oh dear, is this normal? (urates)

    My 25+ yr old sulcata (Milo) has had this white, somewhat slimy looking urine. It's completely opaque, like latex paint & it comes out with a large volume of milky fluid. I've seen the white stuff in the yard, but today he peed on the patio while I was feeding him some romaine lettuce. Have only...
  4. A

    Difficulty with Urates

    Hey guys! So I have a 5-month-old Sulcata named Gilbert. He's doing great, very healthy, energetic, you name it. I have been weaning him onto cut grass instead of just spring mix and clover flowers (which he'd been eating for a bit as he wouldn't eat grass before -- this is now getting fixed...