water turtles

  1. NewtThePinkbelly

    Substrate Help!

    Hey there! My boyfriend and I recently got some awesome news! Someone in the neighborhood is selling a 125 gallon tank and stand for 300 dollars! What a steal! Now we just have to worry about substrates. We have been using riverbed sand for our 40 gallon tank, but now that we are getting a new...
  2. NewtThePinkbelly

    Where to buy large tanks?

    Newt is still a little baby, but depending on wether he's male or female (too small for us to tell) we might need a pretty big tank in the long run. From the information we have found online, pink belly sidenecks can grow up to 11inches, which means a 110 gallon tank or more. Where could we find...
  3. caseyerin

    Having some trouble with my african sideneck

    Hi! I have an African Sideneck Turtle and have had him for about 3 years now. When I first got him, I had him in a 20 gallon tank and now he is currently in a 60 gallon tank and has been for about a year. I just bought him a new filter, because the old one was a small filter and a rock...
  4. M

    Sliders living together

    Hi. I have 2 baby slider turtles, both boys, both about the size of a quarter. One is a Red Ear Slider, I call him Sheldon. The other is a Cumberland Slider, I call him Leonard. They’re in a 20 gallon tank for now, but I know as they grow I’m going to have to upgrade a good bit. They have...
  5. Scottfoo

    Big Thank you to Our friends at TetraFauna !

    We wanted to give a big thank you to the folks at Tetra for donating all these great items and 20 Cases of food. We are so appreciative and thank you so much! We will def be passing on some of the food to other turtle rescues and turtle lovers!
  6. Techyrn808

    Does Water turtle always have to be in water to live?

    Hi all! I was wondering about my red eared slider who currently lives in an above ground pond. Is it recommended to let your water turtle out on land to cruise about? If so, for how long and should I keep turtle moist by misting it every so often?
  7. mississippi_slider

    Lump on mississippi map terrapin's leg

    Hi all, new to the forum! Just after a little bit of advice - after returning my two boys (a mississippi map and a yellow belly slider) to their brand new tank today (after smashing their old one by dropping their basking rockery platform yesterday) I noticed that on the back leg of my map, a...