4 month old Sulcata hatchling for sale

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May 5, 2018
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I recently adopted a Sulcata hatchling. Due to a change of plans because I developed an autoimmune disease I have to get rid of him to pay my medical bills. He/she is in great health and has been soaked everyday and fed a mixture of spring mix and grazing tortoise grass. He is 180 grams. I am currently in the Chicago land area but will be in the Phoenix area in August! Anyone who is interested in adopting a little one please let me know I have a 55 gallon tank you can use with 2 lamps with a Che. I also have a scale I can include. I just really need to get rid of him soon so I can start seeing doctors to get fixed!! There will be a small rehousing fee. Please message me on the forum or email me at [email protected]
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