Andrew Hermes Arizona Tortoise Compound Exceptional Service!! A+

Montana Pearce

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Dec 21, 2017
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Riverside California
My shopping experience with Andrew Hermes from Arizona Tortoise Compound was exceptional, and I am very impressed with his customer-oriented service. When I originally started searching for a tortoise, like many, I was uncertain of which site to order from. I contacted various tortoise websites and asked to see pictures of their tortoises, asked about their shipping details, and the guarantee of shipping. I got a few responses, but only one tortoise vender site was Exceptional, it was… Arizona Tortoise Compound.

Andrew Hermes directly contacted me though email: he sent me pictures of the tortoises I requested (Ivory Sulcata Tortoise & Ivory HET Tortoise), explained their shipping details and reliability, and worked with me as I picked out my special tortoises. Mr. Hermes went above and beyond for my purchase; as I am a particular customer. Mr. Hermes replied to my emails quickly, and I always got a reply back from my email the same day (even on weekends). Mr. Hermes helpfulness, friendly attitude, and willingness to accommodate me was a decider in where to purchase my tortoises.

I am a specific customer, as I wanted to see which tortoises Arizona Tortoise Compound had to offer, and wanted to pick out my own tortoise. I’m sure a request like this doesn’t happen often, however, Mr. Hermes worked with me and was very patient. 59 emails later, the tortoise got shipped out. I paid through PayPal. Mr. Hermes let me know the exact date and time the tortoises would be arriving. I was worried: are they going to be alive, are they going to be okay, is he really sending them?

My tortoises arrived September 22nd, 2017. The tortoises were packaged with great thought and consideration; they had arrived in perfect condition. I was so happy with Mr. Hermes and his exceptional service. I had thanked him several times, as I really love his phenomenal tortoises and services, but hey, Andrew; thank you again!


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