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Apr 29, 2020
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Hey guys! I think I found a Russian Tortoise but I wanted some educated second thoughts. I figured I may as well ask you guys. Does his shell and everything look good? Is anything alarming and should I be worried? I’ve been asking questions and he’s good with answering. I’m just trying to be extra cautious. Thank you!


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Looks ok as far as I can see. See if you can find the owner. Post flyers without pics, and request a pic from people who respond. Russians are notorious escape artists.


Just a general statement not aimed at anyone...

For those that find a cute animal walking around, or in their garage, etc, always keep in mind it might be an escaped pet with a family that misses it (especially if it's something from a continent or two away). I've reunited dozens of lost animals with their owners and it's always a satisfying feeling to reunite a family.

As awesome as it is to get a "free pet," please do the honorable thing and double check for its home. I found an adorable little pup once, my kids sooooo wanted to keep her. We found her family, and she belonged to a little girl with special needs who hadn't slept in a week since the dog got out.

It's best to post to several lost & founds on grocery store walls, facebook, etc. Don't post clear pictures. For dogs or cats, ask about the collar it was wearing. In the case of found tortoises or turtles, find a particular shell mark or scar that would appear in photos, and make sure its a match. Lots of times, people will try to scheme for a freebie.

If you are unable to find the owner, LEGALLY you are supposed to surrender the animal to local animal control. It's up to you whether you do that.

Now, in certain cases where the animal might be a local wild species (box turtles, kingsnakes, etc) be careful to look at the local collection laws of the species in your area. That cute turtle could cost you $10k in fines if you aren't allowed to have it and a nosy neighbor reports you!

Anyhoo…. that's my PSA for today! We now return to our previously scheduled thread. Had this been an actual emergency, I'd have made a loud shrill shriek before posting. ;)

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