Desert Tortoise is Not Eating


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Sep 18, 2019
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Beaumont, CA
I noticed a shift in my tortoise diet in the last week. She'd been eating and active up until about last week, now she does not appear interested in anything I put in her cage and isn't drinking water either, but will put her head into the ground as if she's looking for a drink.

I don't notice anything else, except she's not pooping either but it does look a little wet on her bottom. Her eyes are fine, breathing is fine, her shell is hard. This is only my second year with her, last winter she hibernated from about October - February.

I recently added water drips to her habitat and the weather has shifted since last week being extremely hot (100s during the day) to high 80s.

Could this be due to weather change? Is her cage too wet bc of the drip lines? They come one 3 days a week, morning and evening and fill up her bowl and water the hibiscus and cactus.

Age: 6-7 years
Location: Southern California, average temp this week 85-89 during the day, 50s at night
Main diet: dandelions, romaine lettuce, some fruit (watermelon and strawberries), hibiscus (flower and leaves), occasional succulent


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