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Messing around: salad dressing


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Sep 29, 2018
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Westmoreland, NH
I found some wild grape vines growing on our property when Darwin came to live with me and grabbed some leaves for him... he was unimpressed over several sessions of sampling the leaves.

Yesterday, while messing with a new food ninja (fancy blender) I reduced a few cups each of dried hibiscus flowers and wakame (seaweed) to powder.


Darwin likes both hibiscus and wakame, so in the interest of experimentation I dusted a salad made of chopped wild grape leaves I'd picked up while biking this morning with a teaspoon of the powder... he seems to like it much more.

He ate a bunch immediately and has circled back numerous times while I've been working on my next book to take more bites.

This two-ingredient supplement seems to dress up a healthy food that Darwin previously found either boring or yucky, while also providing the nutritional benefits of hibiscus and wakame... that makes it a win in my book.


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