Molly Needs Forever Home!

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Oct 10, 2012
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Dallas Texas BABY!
I have a baby Sulcata Tortoise. I have the indoor enclosure including dishes, brand new container of food, calcium powder, digital thermometer, and 2 different types of lighting including UVB. The outdoor enclosure we got for $150 for the summer time at petsmart. Its brand new we have never even used it yet. please be aware these little guys grow to 200lbs. 214-226-7304. we are asking a rehoming fee of $150 which is more than fair considering the outdoor enclosure is $150 alone. cash only. I am very sad to have to see her go.:( She is a year old, a little shy but will warm up to you. I hope she finds a great loving home! I live in the Roanoke area of Texas. Thanks!:tort:

(Pics are on link!)
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