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Nov 11, 2020
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El Sobrante, CA.
Hello dear friends . . So, I'm a Happy girl this weekend.
Back in February, the 4th to be exact, it was a fairly nice day out and I put my Boxie out on my enclosed side yard to explore, get some exercise and forage if needed.
I was checking on her every 5 to 10 min, after about an hour, I figured she was ok, and went on do do yard work periodically just checking on her.
By about 5pm I was going to collect her and bring her in for the night. I searched and searched for her & could not find her. I have a huge patch of green spiders plants that they (my other Tort's) hide in, But could not locate her. She has disappeared in my yard for months in the past, but there was one place near my front fence that had a dip under it and was worried she might have squeezed under it, (Praying here).
In any case if she snuck out I prayed she was safe, and just not get run over. (She was found years ago by a friend in a housing development in the middle of the road, hence her name "Bump").
Well, Thursday, the 11th, I was stringing up a jasmine vine that broke loose from the supporting fence and guess who was underneath it . . .Yep, My Bump.
She had a muddy shell, and upon picking her up, she let loose a big "Pee" all over me,,,,(yes I love you too). So, she has been there the whole time, (81 days).
I celebrated her return with a lil wine with dinner . .

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