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Jan 1, 2021
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northern ireland
I wanted to ask, what is the average weight for a russian tortoise? I have a 7 month old russian who weighs just over 90g and puts on usually 3g every time I weigh him (every week) I wanted to know if this is normal just to make sure I can track his weight properly. I can’t really find any threads showing the average weight for a russian tortoise his age.


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Mar 16, 2020
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London, UK
Weight gain varies and really good to keep a regular log. Heat, light, diet, environment, soaking and hydration are all important for growth. Just looked back on my records and under 100g weekly 1 or 2 grammes was the norm and then over 100g and 200g increased between 4 and 8g with an occasional burst in the teens. Weight gain is growth so just monitor for any weight loss. Dandelions are plentiful in hedge rows and gardens now so pick and feed as it is a favourite and will help growth.
Have a read of the care sheet to check....

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