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My turlte eyes are swollen ?

she's been like this for awhile now? can someone help me!!

My turlte eyes are swollen ?
Princepeter187, Nov 28, 2018
    • drew54
      What kind of uvb bulb do you use? Do you use a florescent tube or coil?
    • Yvonne G
      That's a pretty sick tortoise. You'll need to figure out what's wrong and fix it or he's going to die. Bad light bulb, not warm enough, substrate irritating the eyes - there are many things that could be wrong. Please read the care sheet for your species that we have posted in your species section. You'll find it pinned towards the top of the section. Read it with an open mind and make the necessary corrections to the way you're caring for your tortoise.
    • Keelz78
      Hi I’m a very new owner of a 3-4 year old female Horsefield I have had her less than a week, improved her living area ( she now has top soil and cypress mulch) and in the process of introducing her to ‘weeds’ as she has only ate certain types of lettuce, her basking it at 32c cool end 21-22c I’m currently using a 10% coil uv bulb, I know she needs a beak trim (making an appointment on monday) the picture a pice is what her eyes look like? Is it the bulb I’m using please? I know this is the same bulb she had previously to living with me her eyes were like this when I got her? Many thanks
    • Yvonne G
      It might very well be the bulb. Those compact fluorescent bulbs have been known to cause a very painful condition similar to snow blindness. Once you stop using the bulb it take a couple weeks for the eyes to stop hurting and get back to normal. However, the enclosure is a bit too cool also. For a tortoise that young the whole enclosure needs to be around 27C or so. I wouldn't worry about the beak until you get the eyes open.
    • Keelz78
      Thank you for your help, can you recommend a make and watt of bulb please? I’ve got an additional heat emitter I can turn on to increase the temperature? Thanks again
    • Yvonne G
    • Keelz78
      @Yvonne G I don’t know how to add a picture off my phone to show you? She’s in doors in a warm room I will definitely replace the bulb and see how she goes on i am also waiting on a delivery of a cave for extra warmth thank you very much for your help
    • Karenp
      I'm sorry your tortoise is not feeling well. :(
      I would post the picture above and your situation under the 'Tortoise Health' section also.
      You will find that many experienced members there who are also very helpful.
      Don't be afraid to ask too many questions. The people on this forum are very nice and really care about the well being of every tortoise.
      Hope your little one gets better soon!
      She sure is a cutie!! :)
    • Ayushjain101
      Can you show her legs? Kidney failure can also cause heavy swollen eyes. I don't want to scare you off but if you know the problem earlier you can get it saughted quickly. I would recommend to stop using uvb for 2-3 days and give pure sunlight and see if he have any good effect on his eyes. Is he peeing and eating?
    • SweetKaykes
      This is all very true. I just posted worried about my little guy because he kept rubbing his eyes and it looked like the left eye was starting to become swollen. I changed my coil bulb out for a t5 and he is back to normal!
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