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    What kind of live plants can i put in my Redfoot enclosure??

    Hello! I'd really love to put some live foliage in my Redfoot's enclosure, but I'm unsure what is safe/reasonable! Any suggestions?
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    Redfoot isnt eating on his own.

    My Redfoot tort (approx. 3 years old) doesnt seem to touch his salad on his own. However, whenever i show him and hand feed him food, he takes it and eats most things i give him. I switch out the food after 24 hours. Heat, humidity, and light sources are all optimal. He's soaked 2 times a week...
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    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Do you know where to get them?
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    Is this shell rot??

    Just got this redfoot tortoise a few days ago and noticed the black spot. Is this shell rot?? Is he going to be okay?? I've never had to deal with shell rot before and I'm terrified. Please help!
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    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Thank you guys so much!
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    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Thank you! Tips are greatly appreciated and noted. I'm using ZOOmed compact CHE and same brand and style, but a UVB lamp. I was told that UVB is very important for digestion and calcium processing, I I made sure to get one. Would a regular UV strip do the trick as well? And if I were to use a UV...
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    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Hi! I was hoping to get some insight and care tips for Redfoots. I purchased one today and have him in a large glass aquarium with coco coir substrate, a large shallow water dish, a dark and humid hideout, and I feed him mustard/collard/turnip greens mixed with ZOOmed tropical tortoise pellets...
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    Cat grass??

    I picked up some live cat grass for my kitties, but they are not interested, so I was curious to know if I'm able to feed it to my sulcata tortoise?
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    Baby Sulcata Tortoise - dark green lined mouth?

    Hello! My baby Sulcata Tortoise's mouth is lined in dark green, almost a moldy looking color. It looks like he is wearing lipstick. Is this possibly just from munching outside in the yard on plant matter?
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    How often should I be feeding my baby Sulcata Tortoise?

    My baby is just over 4 inches and I've been feeding him whatever he will eat in my lawn (along with other supplements like ZOOmed grassland diet and rose leaves, hibiscus flower/leaves, some collard greens, etc). He is CONSTANTLY eating, which I guess is good? How often should I feed him and...
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    Can my baby sulcata tortoise eat lawn grass?

    That makes me feel so good thank you as always Tom!!
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    Can my baby sulcata tortoise eat lawn grass?

    I live in Arkansas, and the lawn that I have is untreated with pesticides and chemicals or fertilizers. It looks like there's a bunch of different types of grasses and weeds growing, and I'm not exactly sure if it's safe for my baby sulcata to eat, even though he loves it and everytime I take...
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    My Baby Sulcata is Eating His Poop

    I am soaking everyday around noonish after he has enough time to warm up after the night before. Still see little amounts in the enclosure.
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    My Baby Sulcata is Eating His Poop

    That's funny, but I'll try to refrain from letting them do it.
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    My Baby Sulcata is Eating His Poop

    Hello! Just curious if it's normal behavior for a baby sulcata tortoise to nibble on his poop? I was too busy to clean it out yesterday and today I noticed him trying to nibble on it. Is this normal or is this harmful?