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    Comment by 'AquaIce' in media 'Rings? Help!'

    mine has them too
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    blue eyed redfoot!

    Ha ha ha
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    Baby Sulcata possible MBD? Help

    any update here @JeannetteBasil
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    growth rings?

    I have a 10 week old RF and he eats great and enclosure is finally getting much better humidity and we let him stay hidden as much as he wants as to not stress him out, he usually only comes out when he knows I have dropped dinner off lol but anyway I was wondering when should I see growth rings...
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    Head bobbing

    our little red foot does it to it is very funny
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    Found baby Sulcata in yard, help?

    I seen that :( I get board at work and start reading stuff and today I was reading this one and was like hey...... I wanna know what it was lol
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    Found baby Sulcata in yard, help?

    Did anything ever come of this I know its a old thread but I want to know what happened lol
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    Oh my gosh look at that poor guy his shell
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    I figured it was and its a very good one. I just didn't mean to offend. :) here it is
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    Here you go I don't think I am over reacting and if so sorry. Everyone of these little guys have feelings sorry I love my animals and have became very attached to Tuck and would be so angry if anyone treated him this way
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    How did you find TFO?

    Google still pending on FB
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    Sure would and I know how to do my resherch I wasn’t implying everyone on Craigslist is bad but most are a joke. I didn’t even see this add as to your not in my area so I guess I should word it the people in my area are a joke
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    I should have never looked on here :mad: Keeping a whole clutch of baby Sulcatas in a tank with only newspaper and then claim that only experienced people who know how to take care of them need inquire? With pictures of them feeding and just huddling in corners on news paper? Ugh..... I know, I...
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    Hello from Waffles and Myself!

    Welcome and what a cutie pie