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    Tick control

    I use permethrin (RID spray). A veterinary acquaintance of mine uses fipronil (Frontline spray). Typically, a quick spray in the four "pockets" of the legs is adequate for application. One can also spray more globally as well, but I cannot make that a recommendation since there is going to be...
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    Skunk shares tortoise hide

    That animal is beautiful. I am envious of the experience you had with it.
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    night time lows.

    No, the original post is as follows. I have addressed the elements of the original post. It leads the discussion and then it can sprout tangents during the course of responses. You are now trying to reframe that within goal posts of your own choosing. I did not assume any of that. Nor did I...
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    shell rot help

    I will answer your question with a question. Do you have another more likely explanation for why there are so many eroded areas on the plastron of the animal? You can see the flaking material on the undersides of the posterior marginal scutes as well.
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    Male or female question...

    They can change dramatically with the onset of sexual maturity. If you incubate at the razor's edge of each of the two extremes, you will often see an early tell. The true TSMs will have often have wide-set anal scutes. The true TSFs will often have narrow-set anal scutes. Right out of the egg...
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    night time lows.

    They grow both while awake and asleep. So do humans, but that is a little different since human anabolism is not dependent on our immediate external environment's temperature (within reason). There is a nighttime growth hormone secretory pulse in mammals, but that is not a temperature-driven...
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    shell rot help

    It lasts for a bit, but wears off as well. Maybe every other day or every third day for the ointment. Kind of "work it into" the surface a bit (keep spreading it around so that it gets into crevices and has good coverage without looking like a mess). I would try to soak less if the animal will...
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    night time lows.

    It may be a mix of both. A smaller tortoise will retreat earlier in general and tends to stay under cover more, although I have found bolder hatchlings out during hotter and brighter periods, too. I think there are multiple survival strategies at play with that. Staying hidden leads to reduced...
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    Redfoot aggression?

    Multiple feeding and watering stations make for a good move. I will tell you I am not a big fan of using the sphagnum moss extensively because it soaks up urine and can contribute to shell fungus via indirect avenues, but some people make it work and just because I do not personally prefer it...
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    shell rot help

    I see patches of erosion on the keratin of the plastron (I pointed out quite a few with arrows) indicative of one kind of fungal attack. Blowing up the image in Paint will make this easier to see. There is sphagnum (or similar) moss in the habitat (encircled in yellow). This often makes...
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    night time lows.

    Well, there were all of the times I visited areas where I have found a number of species in situ and where I found them during the day was of a temperature higher than where I found them at night. I have found tortoises in Europe, Central/South America, and Asia. The US, too, if we count...
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    shell rot help

    Seems to fit well enough. It varies.
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    Sweet peppers from the grocery store

    A fine food item as part of a diet. They may be referred to as baby bells (among other things).
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    shell rot help

    Looks like it. Did it hatch out with it or develop it soon after hatching (days to a few weeks)? That is usually when we see the membrane scorch Carl and I are referencing. It takes a good while to wear/fade away. Tangentially, unscrupulous people have even tried to pass those animals off as...
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    Turtle 911 NOW NOW NOW

    I am glad she is doing well. Maybe add some basic live prey like ghost shrimp and smaller-bodied snails like tadpole/bladder snails and ramshorns and let her go without supplemental feeding for a while (or providing one feeding every few days). Then work it back in until you hit her previous...