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  • Hi Benjamin this is Annette ( on the forum. I post the egyptian pics. i'm interested in G.spengleri, as a lot of others, haha. Is there a chance to acquire a G.spengleri. do you have one,two for sale. let me know. Annette
    my question is if you were to incubate for female vs male what temps you would shoot for and how much of a "tolerance" there is...or how far can you push the temp in one direction before you figure there'd be mainly one sex in the clutch. Thanks for reading through this! my email is [email protected] if you feel like going about this that way. (2/2)
    Hey man, sorry to bother you but I just started working with I. elongata and I see you're the man to ask this question. I was wondering if you could school me on incubation temps, specifically how to incubate for female and male. As I understand it the temps of the nest sites in the wild fluctuate naturally and tend to incubate a mixed ratio of male to is common in nature lol,
    hey ben , how are you? i hope things have been good, just wanted to let you know i added a couple pics today of the torts, the lil guy you sent me is doing great, if you wanna check him out, just check out the pics on my page
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