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    Rescued a tort advice please

    What did the vet say?
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    Anyone else experience THIS? (theft of tortoise)

    Keep us posted. That's so traumatic. A tortoise-napping.
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    ID that Turtle ( Challenge No. 5 )

    There was one at an educational aquarium here (now closed) in Grand Junction. They called it a Hog Nose for short. They said it came from Vietnam. Same size as the one you're showing. It had a very large tank to swim in.
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    I shouldn't have favorites, but if I were forced to choose, it would be a marginated. Just love their size, personality, and needs.
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    Is this normal? (soft spot on shell)

    Cute pic and cute name!
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    New tortoise mom

    Good Luck! And let us know how it all turns out. Your situation could help the next tortoise owner.
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    How many turtles can you spot in this picture?

    I can only see 3
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    Fire out side

    Thank you!
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    Fire out side

    You too!
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    Fire out side

    I am in Western Colorado. We also have ashes falling down on us. I wondered about my torts.
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    Help what is wrong with my tortoise.

    Males are smaller than the females. That's normal. But this little guy hasn't had the proper environment. So glad he's in your care now.
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    Ground Hatched Radiated??

    The markings in the center look like bones. You could name it Bones.
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    Ground Hatched Radiated??

    He's the cutest thing ever!!
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    She ate toxic plants?!

    Thanks for identifying spurge. I have it all over my backyard as well.
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    Meet Teeny Mo