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    Anyone live in Maryland or north east, that owns a sulcata?

    I have questions! About diet
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    In search of adult sulcata near Maryland

    Hello! Just wondering if anyone was looking to rehome near Maryland. Been looking for awhile. Can’t seem to find rescues or sanctuaries near me. Also highly confused on why there are so many scams in the tortoise community. And advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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    Tortoise Rehoming

    Where is the sulcata located?
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    free sulcata

    i have a 5 year old sulcata i rescuded him a year ago but slowly runnng out of room for him. located in maryland i can meet somewhere, no shipping. thank you!
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    Seems a bit harsh at times but thanks!
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    I was frustrated because they eat what ever I give them haha the problem was getting the right stuff. I started a mini garden to grow things for them awhile ago bc I'm not sure if you can buy certain grasses . I haven't tried any commercial pellets , again everyone says omg they are very bad for...
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    I knew I should have made an account and ask haha that helped alot thank you
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    I have one that is considered a young adult and he is fine but I just got a hatchling and I dont know what he wants , thank you!
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    I need help, every where including the vet says feed them grass hay flowers etc, but what do I feed them specifically? Everytime i think about feeding them something someone says dont feed them that. Do i cut grass and feed them that?? They are outside but when i bring them in for storms or cold...