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  1. HarvestHerp5

    What DOES your tortoise do all day?!

    Mine went outside for a tromping session just before a storm.
  2. HarvestHerp5

    3-4 month old Indian not gaining weight

    Yes, I'm doing everything correctly. My other star tortoise is growing very well. I got him at about 52 grams and he's now about 120 g, seven months later.
  3. HarvestHerp5

    3-4 month old Indian not gaining weight

    I got my hatchling Indian star in mid December and she weighed 23 g. She ate well and was gaining weight steadily until a few weeks ago. She's still eating fine---spring mix, cactus pads when I can get them locally, Romaine, Collard greens. She doesn't like dandelion leaves or turnip greens...
  4. HarvestHerp5

    A Star is Born!

    There isn't much cuter in the world than a baby tortoise. Congratulations!
  5. HarvestHerp5

    Please welcome my new little one!

    This is my first Hermann's tortoise and he'll (gender is confirmed by breeder) be 16 months old this weekend. He's a western, Tuscany locale. I'm really excited to have one of these. I'm not set on a name yet, but I am a musician and am leaning toward a composer's name. Verdi, Respighi...
  6. HarvestHerp5

    Newest addition to my RF family --name suggestions welcome!

    I got this guy today. My FedEx man brings me the nicest presents in the whole world! He is tentatively named Ian (after Ian Fleming). He's (hoping it's male, anyway) is about 865 g and about 7" SCL. I think he probably has some cherryhead in him, but not sure if he's completely Brazilian...
  7. HarvestHerp5

    Feeding a Young Boxie

    Nightcrawlers and earthworms are great choices for young box turtles. Mine love them. Roly polies/pill bugs are good too. Try scrambled eggs. If your turtle likes them, you can add shredded veggies to the eggs before you feed them to her. Berries are good choices too. Strawberries and...
  8. HarvestHerp5

    Sleeping habits in baby/young Indian Stars

    Sometimes near each other, but lately they sleep in different areas. Lyra, the little one, has been nearer the CHE.
  9. HarvestHerp5

    Sleeping habits in baby/young Indian Stars

    My redfoots are in a different enclosure, in case that was confusing.
  10. HarvestHerp5

    Sleeping habits in baby/young Indian Stars

    I had a plastic shoebox type thing in there with a door cut out and moss in the hide. Still, neither one would use it. I took it out to give them more tromping room. They are together (4 x 2 enclosure) and are perfectly compatible.
  11. HarvestHerp5

    Sleeping habits in baby/young Indian Stars

    I've had one Indian star yearling for about 7 months and got a pretty young hatchling about 2 months ago. Neither one of them will go in a hide on either the cool or warm side of the enclosure. I have flower pots on their sides, and a bridge-style hide with sphagnum moss under it. Both of my...
  12. HarvestHerp5

    The ubiquitous question... is this a cherryhead?

    I'm getting this tortoise next week and only have these two photos. I currently have four redfoots, all "northern" variety with the lighter color plain-ish plastrons. This one is so mottled, I'm not sure if it is a cherryhead or maybe a mix? Also, it's about 7" SCL. Any ideas as to male or...
  13. HarvestHerp5

    Peeled/discolored scutes and shell

    I just noticed my almost 2 year old redfoot has what seems to be a wound or infection of some sort. On his bridge scutes and one plastron scute, they are darkened and peeling up and apart. The bone underneath is darker and maybe slightly crumbly. It's not soft and squishy though. Please...