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    Happy Birthday Mango!

    Good job!
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    Urgent advice needed!

    I have not personally had to do a feeding tube. I have heard of one's who have and have gone back to eating normally. It's good to be researching, but breathe deep and let the panic out. Take each step one at a time. Keep positive thoughts. You and Sheldon may become somebody's positive outcome...
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    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    Very pretty. Interesting bloom
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    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    That is beautiful! I haven't gotten brave enough to try one yet. Have seen some real beauties
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    Box turtles in Ohio

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    Box turtles in Ohio

    Not planning a trip to Nebraska anytime soon? Lol
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    What exactly was he treating for?
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    Lunar eclipse

    It was indeed cool.
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    Lunar eclipse

    Normally would have been like that here too, but we got lucky. Sorry you had clouds.
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    Lunar eclipse

    Normally here to for all solar events, but tonight is clear!! Almost total now. Sorry Barb.
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    Lunar eclipse

    Anybody else watching it?
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    Red Footed male needs to live his best life

    Russian, especially males, can have issues.
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    Hello guys :) New here!

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    Hello I am new here!

    Hello! So are you Collin?
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    The coons and foxes would get them, not to mention my dogs. The killing every thing is why I didn't want to spray. I was thinking more towards a once a month pill.