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Oct 20, 2017 at 5:08 AM
Aug 28, 2007
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Sep 1, 1958 (Age: 59)
A Land Far Away...

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Wanna be raiser of Lemon Drop tortoises, 59, from A Land Far Away...

Moderator 10 Year Member!

Hi! Sep 26, 2015

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    1. Mallon
      My adopted Russian Tortoise looks like it has some shell problems. His shell is very dry and flaking. He has white spots in the shell top indented in the shell. The underside is peeling and entire parts are coming off. I started treating with some chlodexine in case I'd shell rite. Not sure what is wrong or what to do. I got him this way but seems to be getting worse. Or maybe it's better. Not sure. Please help
    2. worried
    3. Anyfoot
      Happy birthday.
    4. astock64
      recently our female sulcata has had two or three urine discharge that is thick syrupy like with some white in it everything else normal
      1. Melissa Butler
        Melissa Butler
        My Eastern Hermann's Tortoise has white urine as well. Is this normal?
        Jun 22, 2017
    5. megarrett
    6. EmilyVail84
      Hi Jacqui,
      Im Emily new to the forum. Ive already written a thread to introduce myself but i wanted to reach out to others and say hi as well. I dont know much about lemon drop tortoises, but im sure theyre interesting. How long have you been raising them?
    7. popeye tortoise
      popeye tortoise
      Thank you for the info for the sale of the sulcatas. I am trying to figure how to post pictures. As i'm sure you can see I am not computer savvy.
    8. Jacqui
    9. Jacqui
      Wanna be raiser of Lemon Drop tortoises
    10. Angel Carrion
      Angel Carrion
      Happy Birthday!! :)
    11. Anyfoot
      Happy birthday.
      1. Jacqui
        Thank you! :)
        Sep 1, 2015
    12. maggie3fan3
      I was hoping you would take a look at Bob's facebook page....
    13. Donna/Turbo
      Just looked at all your enclosures. Got some great ideas. Thanks for showing pics it really helps the new people like me!
    14. Sulcata_Sandy
      We are just so overrun with tortoises, the thought of making more is freaky. But we do understand the difference of maintaining a species. With that said, I have no idea where this planet stands in regards to the Belliana. Seems other Kinixys are not so rare. So while I'm putting weight on her, making sure she's not egg bound and is healthy, we want to learn more and do what is best for both her and her species.
    15. Sulcata_Sandy
      Hi Jacqui. Seems this little HB rescue has been creating quite a stir. I joined a FB HB group and they are going nuts about having her in the Kinixys Conservancy. I just need to learn a bit more. I think Josette and her husband (who own the actual rescue that "owns" her) are open to discussing the idea of placing her in a breeding program.
    16. Agne
      hello I need help with my box turtle
      1. Jacqui
        Have you gotten the help you need?
        Feb 3, 2015
    17. Jacqui
    18. Jacqui
      Dreaming and planning next year's new enclosures...
    19. pam
      any word on the 2015 Calendar contest?
    20. Luca loves tortoises
      Luca loves tortoises
      I have a combined uva and uvb bulb for my tortoise table. Should i turn it off at night and just have it on in the day?
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    Sep 1, 1958 (Age: 59)
    A Land Far Away...
    I actually live in Nebraska. I am working on creating a turtle/tortoise rescue focusing mainly on hingebacks of course...lol. I have a very supportive husband, who sometimes will ferry tortoises for me. My critters are currently my full time job and I am loving it!


    A caretaker of "exceptional" tortoises according to Tom. :D