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    Ah, thank you! I will certainly check into that!
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    I would like to know if anyone might guess the age of my sully. The first pic is from 2015, when she weighed 2 pounds. In the second pic is three years later weighing 20 pounds.
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    New enclosure help please

    I am building an enclosure for my girl indoors (for now). She is 20# and 16 inches long. Her enclosure will be 6 1/2 feet by 9 1/2 feet. I need large scale heating ideas please. We will most likely hang the uv and heat from the ceiling. Thanks all!
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    I’m new to this, help please

    Hi! The tortoise t This is the link for the tortoise table. it gives you a good idea of what he can and can't eat.
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    Respiratory illness - Please Help

    I'll do my best!
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    Respiratory illness - Please Help

    Thank you so much! I will fix that asap!
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    What do you feed your sullys in the winter?

    What do you feed your sullys in the winter?
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    Respiratory illness - Please Help

    Substrate is mostly orchard grass and timothy hay. I'm trying to get her moved because she is living in a little kiddie pool, and she has no room to move around. I posted her pic in my profile, but am currently not able to photograph her. I am just her caregiver, with limited abilities. I make...
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    Cost for Building Your Own Outdoor Night Box

    Very useful! Thank you very much!!!
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    Building your own Expanded PVC Enclosed Chamber – For Beginners

    Would you please tell me what kind of lighting/heating you are using? Thank you
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    Respiratory illness - Please Help

    My sully is constantly wheezing. I don't know her age, but she's twenty pounds. She's indoors right now. How high should her temps be?
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    Growing wheat grass?

    I sprout them in only water for 10 days. I rinse twice a day.
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    Growing grass

    I am using a large scale seed sprouting system. Let me know if you are interested in something like that.