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Nov 1, 2018
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Bloomington, IN
I am building an enclosure for my girl indoors (for now). She is 20# and 16 inches long. Her enclosure will be 6 1/2 feet by 9 1/2 feet. I need large scale heating ideas please. We will most likely hang the uv and heat from the ceiling. Thanks all!

Yvonne G

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Jan 23, 2008
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Boy that's rough. A sulcata that big will be pretty hard to contain in an "enclosure." They do much better with free space indoors. In my opinion, six by nine is nowhere near big enough. She should have a whole room.

At any rate, you'll have to heat the room the six by nine enclosure is placed in, not just the enclosure. A lot of us use the oil filled, electric radiator type space heaters. It would be slow to heat up the room, but works nicely once the oil is heated.


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