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    Thank you for closing that thread before I got in trouble. I was just trying to be realistic. Now she's giving it to me in PM's. I told her to knock it off or I'd make a thread and post all the bad stuff she's saying to me....hahahaha. Anyway, thanks.
    hi i have recently noticed that my Russian tortoise is struggling to keep his eye open and its obvious its causing him some discomfort. hes constantly struggling to keep it open and when he shuts it its for at least 8-10 seconds each blink.... anyone know what to do??? he had froth coming from it not so long back and i'm really concerned about him..
    Poor linguine past away on Sunday it was very sad the other 4 where very sad but they are all ok now
    Hi my greek tortoise who is almost a year old (will be one year old in December) has not been pooping lately. He continues to eat regularly and bathe regularly (30 minutes every other day in luke warm water) he tries very hard to get his stool out but always fails. He used to be very active and such but lately he has almost seemed weak. Should I take him to the vet? Please help. I'm very concerned for him. Thank you!
    You mentioned in one of your posts that feeding prickly pear cactus makes your tortoise have diarrhea. Mine eats about one cactus pad a day and he is got the runs! Am I feeding him too much cactus? thanks! Jordan
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