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    Help. male or female or still too small.

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking, and hoping
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    Help. male or female or still too small.

    Need a little help here. This one is almost 7" and by that size my positive male had a huge tail. This one is staying small. What do you think.
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    Outdoor Redfoot enclosure

    I used the same timbers for my box turtle enclosures. I connected the bottom three by drilling holes all the way through by either end and then driving a 24" rebar through and deep into the ground. The top piece was connected using the 4" deck screw.
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    Is this a Russian or a Greek

    She has 4, So she is a Russian. Golden Greek and Marginated have 5. Thanks for your help.
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    Is this a Russian or a Greek

    Four, but so does my Golden Greek, on his back feet. As does my marginated
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    Is this a Russian or a Greek

    She's right about the same size as the others
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    Bad day for baby.

    I had that happen with baby box turtles. Luckily it was only the shell the other ate part of, not an eye.
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    Is this a Russian or a Greek

    I never noticed before that one of my female Russians has some pretty hefty spurs. Much bigger than the other Russians. It made me wonder if she could be a Greek or maybe a hybrid. Here's a couple pics. Opninions?
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    Kane mat question.

    What temperature should the mats be set at?
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    Kane mat question.

    I've been curious about the temperature with these, too. I have mine on the floor of a doghouse with the rheostat set to low. On low it's 112 degrees F according to my infrared gun. The leopards seems to love it, but it always seemed to me that was too high. So, that is not too high of a...
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    Red Foot Substrates?

    I use a mix of coir and cypress mulch. Still a little messy, but nothing like it was with straight coir. Been thinking about switching to orchid bark just to try it, seem kind of splintery though
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    Suggestions for changes

    I thought it was only this kind of coil uvb. Live and learn, I guess
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    which of these plants are tortoise safe?

    Most of those are poisonous, at least to cats and dogs, I wouldn't chance it. Some cacti are excellent tortoise food.
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    Coco coir users, does your tort get it stuck everywhere too?

    I don't know, they don't have wings or fly and look a lot like wood mites. Very tiny, smaller than springtails and kind of tan colored. Whatever they are there's tons of them crawling all over. Not seeing any on the tort so far.