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  • Okay, Mali Is over 50 lbs She is a sweetheart, i moved us down to Arizona full time. She is getting a bit hard for me to handle. I think I’ll make some phone calls in the area. If you know (and I mean KNOW !) please pass on if you know someone
    She eats a lot of hay since a month ago. So I saw Toms sheet on care. She used to stay in her hide and come out every other day. So I would feed her when she comes out. All of a sudden last week she started coming out and walking all over ! All day, everyday. She’s 40 pounds and happy. I have to get my roof replaced, so I have my “bedroom” in my living room. It all started then, it’s been a week,
    Okay now Emi won’t open her eyes ! She still walks all over, I still don’t see her eating
    Emi is 4”, I have her in a large black cement tray. I was feeding her the tortoise chow, that I received with her. I got her August 5 2018
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