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    Help with sick sulcata

    Is there ANY way that some animal (reptile type) organization that can take on this disease ? We’re getting close to “end of days” crap. Can someone have the power to put a moratorium on tortoise’s hatchlings. There are so many rescues to be adopted ???
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    Help with sick sulcata

    Thank you Jan !
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    Help with sick sulcata

    What worries me is, the loss of his toes, they need them to dig, burrow etc
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    Leg looking not healthy

    That looks AWFUL, poor baby
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    Carnivorous behaviour in a greek tortoise

    Yes ! There is a NatGeo article about a Galapagos tortoise (can’t remember which one), they got footage of the tortoise hunting down a baby tern and caught it and ATE it. I’m still feeling unsettled
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    Tort sitting for in laws - NEED HELP

    They can be “naughty” Please don’t let him/her get cold. Also, just ask the in-laws what to do. If they are like me, I just want my girl happy and healthy. I know cooked carrots are good for getting the guts moving. My girl is a 50 pound rescue Sulcatta, so that might be not true for your...
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    Advice on Leaving Tortoise at Home

    Agreed ! Sad when someones Tort dies after flipping over and dies. Better safe, than sorry
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    You are hilarious !!!!
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    RIP Grumpyface

    Please don’t kick yourself. Concentrate on grieving, praying for your heart to heal
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    Help! (broken shell)

    Hello, I’m looking for an update on “the tortoise “. Any news ?
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    Do you regret not going bigger?

    I think Sulcatt, I’m very fond of them. I never think about getting another, they DO NOT like to be around other tortoise. I can’t stand the thought that she would be worried about sharing her home. The head bobbing is just such a violent response.
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    Do you regret not going bigger?

    No I don’t regret getting Mali. She’s about 45-50 pounds. She was a rescue. You know when you’re deciding, how much you can handle. Please read everything you can on them, from the Tortoise experts here. You’ll need to pour concrete or use cinder blocks maybe 2-3 courses high inside the...
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    Growing greens in Cinder Blocks.

    You’re brillant !!! Yes when I lived in a big city we used to plant in the cinder blocks, we even got watermelon 🍉 to grow !! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow !?
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    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Agreed, soak,soak soak. Please dont inject any more, you could do severe damage, he really needs to see a vet, please