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    A case for changing enclosure decor up often, a study into spatial learning and memory of the tortoise brain.

    In case you wondered if your tortoise gets bored of the same old setup, you might be right. Changing up decor and feeding locations will help enhance natural habits and conditions and keep your tortoise exploring and grazing. "The tortoise learned to perform reliably above chance...
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    Is my tortoise sick?

    What's gives you the impression the tort is sick?
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    First time tortoise owner

    Good stuff!
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    8 leaf clover!

    8 leaf clover - This is an 8 leaf clover I found. Is it twice as rare as a 4 leaf? Dunno. But I promptly fed it to a dinosaur!
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    Good spritz bottle?

    Thanks for the tips I'll check em out!
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    Meet our 1 year old Sulcata , Shelldon.

    Hes a beauty. Welcome to you both.
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    Good spritz bottle?

    I use spritz bottles for dust control, but after a week the spring is toast. I've tried a few different ones, anyone have a suggestion for a good quality spritz bottle that will last? Thanks!
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    Found Greek Tortoise

    Yikes, really hoping you can bring her home!
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    Safe plants

    Well, in terms of for eating, it's a bit of a tough one because a lot potted plants are often in treated soil and have been grown using pesticides and chem fertilizers. I buy "houseplants" and keep them in untreated soil to flush them for 6-8 months before adding them. However, there are...
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    Spring feasts!

    Wow your hibiscus are ahead. Ours are just coming around
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    Spring feasts!

    Does your tort chow the grass on it's own? I sneak little pieces of quack grass in there for some extra fibre but he tends to high grade them out haha....I just hope he eats some as collateral damage. Good stuff.
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    My tortoise never stops scratching

    Scratching at the sides of the enclosure is a pretty common sign of stress, mine did this with his previous keeper as she had him in a 10g aquarium. I think Technocheese is correct, you maybe offer him up for adoption here, free of conditions or judgement. Once he is in the proper...
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    Spring feasts!

    Hènri sure is thrilled to have spring fare again. Just finished buying some organic annuals for his edible garden, hopefully will have that finished soon and can share some pics. Today's salad consisted of dandelion leaves and flowers, some hawksbit leaves, broadleaf plantains, clover, and...
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    Hi I'm new 🥰💚🐢

    Hello and welcome