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  1. SWFLTortoise

    Me and Speedy

    Wow! Cant wait to see photos.
  2. SWFLTortoise

    Hi. New Tortoise keeper

    That is so awesome. Imagine what he has been through over all those years. Wish he could write a memoir.
  3. SWFLTortoise

    Hi. New Tortoise keeper

    Very cool. Do you know his history?
  4. SWFLTortoise

    2019 Outdoor Build

    Wow, that is going to be great. What kind of tortoises will you have in there?
  5. SWFLTortoise

    Hello From Boynton Beach Florida

    Nice looking torts
  6. SWFLTortoise

    New Redfoot Rojo - not sure what kind of redfoot?

    What an interesting acute pattern. I think his name needs to be something triangular, haha.
  7. SWFLTortoise

    Hello From Boynton Beach Florida

    Hello fellow Floridian!
  8. SWFLTortoise

    My new ball python!

    Beautiful snake. I'm not a snake lover, nor hater, but my daughter got a ball python last year and she's growing on me (the snake, not my daughter, she's always been great)
  9. SWFLTortoise

    Port Charlotte, FL Repticon

    We went today and had a good time. My estimate was 60% snakes, 30% lizards and 10% everything else. One seller had a variety of hatchling tortoises and turtles as well as a few adult yellow foot. They has Leopards ($159), Marginated ($149), Herman's ($149), Elongated ($149), and Red Foot. A...
  10. SWFLTortoise

    Port Charlotte, FL Repticon

    Thanks. We're going to go check it out so I'll report back.
  11. SWFLTortoise


    Welcome. We love photos if you have any.
  12. SWFLTortoise

    Finished Sulcata Enclosure!!

    Looks great. How big of a Sulcata?
  13. SWFLTortoise

    Port Charlotte, FL Repticon

    Has anyone been to this show, and if so do they typically have tortoises? It's a bit of a drive for me, and I was hoping to get a heads up. Thanks.
  14. SWFLTortoise

    Hatchling won’t wake up

    Hi, We just got 4 R.F.s 1 1/2 weeks ago. They were hatched 1 or 2 weeks prior. For the first week, they were exactly like yours, hiding all day. They only ate when we got them out for their daily soak. They would ear a little, and then right back to bed. This week, they are starting to...