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    Mulberry Tree Prunning

    Thanks I can' t believe I misspelled hostas.
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    Mulberry Tree Prunning

    I can't get rid of my mulberry trees. The more I cut them they just get bigger. Of course this was before I knew my tort would like some. And are hosts ok for them to eat. All kinds or just some special
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    Rehoming a pair of Sulcata Tortoises

    At first glance I thought the first one was what to do with 2 torts
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    Introducing Meatball

    What a little cutie. Love the name. It won't be little for long. Enjoy
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    White on my tortoises shell?

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not an expert but we have some experts on here. I'm sure they can help you more
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    My baby Sulcata. Baxter

    What a cutie! Enjoy it doesn't last long before they are giants
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    Opo 2.0

    Opp looks like he doesn' t need any cake. What a big boy. Happy Birthday Opo
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    tortoise shell,

    What a pretty baby!
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    A Tall Tortoise Tale

    Thanks for the story. I enjoyed it. Just glad it wasn't my guy.
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    Personality between tortoise breeds

    I agree with sully. They have expressive eyes and are very out going. That's just my opinion
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    Mulberry leaves

    How many leaves should you feed a 2 year old sully. I just started to give him a few, and he chow down. This is not the only thing he has to eat.
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    Library cum Reptile Room!! (Insert smiley face here!)

    Love those little torts.I wish they would all stay that size.
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    My new hatchling won’t hide

    Mine does the same. Likes to go thru but sleeps in a corner.
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    new mom!

    I think that's the fastest change anyone has done. Good for you. This people have the best advice.
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    Help! Lump under my baby sulcata throat!!

    You just have to chop it up fine, wet it a little and mix it in with what he will eat. I'm just a beginner. Tom and others know a lot more than me. Good Luck