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    Quarantine questions

    Thanks for the helpful information
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    Quarantine questions

    Could anyone recommend a care sheet or article that details how to properly quarantine new hatchlings before adding them to your current ones. Specifically how long and should they be in separate rooms within the house.
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    Leopard tortoise breeders?

    I think that I saw some on tortoise town but I don’t think that they are highly reviewed here
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    Extra heat

    Thanks I will
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    Extra heat

    @Tom I just tried the link you provided and it says that they are out of stock. I found a Repti-Therm RHP that is 40 watts. Will that get a 6’x3’x3’ closed chamber up to 80F the CHE I have currently is struggling to get to 75F.
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    Extra heat

    Would this be adequate for a 6’x3’ closed chamber enclosure. My CHE is not able to get the temperature up to 80F.
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    New Indoor Enclosure **HELP**

    If one has the upper level would you consider that in your enclosure size requirements? For example if one has a 6’x4’ footprint with a 2’x4’ upper level is that the same as a 8’x4’ single level enclosure?
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    Interesting Article: Scientists figure out why female turtles are born at higher temperatures

    As others have stated the climate has always changed in the past. However the rate of change was much slower which enabled the animals to evolve to succeed in the new climate conditions. The rate of change currently occurring is at a much faster pace that many animals can’t evolve fast enough to...
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    Top Soil and Coconut Coir?

    How often do you all replace the substrate or do you spot clean.
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    New Cherry Head, Vader !

    Where did you get that cutie
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    Show us your Leopards!

    More Bowser pics
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    Show us your Leopards!

    Bowser the baby
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    Kalamazoo, MI Reptile Show

    Thanks Is it going on all weekend
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    Kalamazoo, MI Reptile Show

    Where was it? I live near kzoo?