baby leopard

  1. Zenpsyche

    Baby leopard enclosure 🐢

    Hi everyone! My name is Kristin and I am new to this forum. I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading about how to care for leopard tortoises and in particular when they’re babies. I have an idea how I want her space set up but I need help on how to either build or find someone who can make...
  2. K

    New plants - scared baby tort?

    Hi! I hope you're all well! I recently added new plastic plants in my 11 month old Leopard tortoise's indoor enclosure to create new shady hiding spots. But I noticed that Lightning hasn't moved from the doorway of the hide for the two hours. Lightning is usually a busy little climber but I'm...
  3. Y

    Seed mixes for leopard tortoises?

    Does anyone have good seed ideas I could start planting? I already have grass but my tort only seems to eat the Lil cloves off the grass and that’s it.... looking for some possible dandelion seed ? Or any other recommendations my baby leopard tortoise might eat that I can grow for him myself! :)
  4. M

    Just recently got a baby leopard tortoise

    I just recently got a little leopard tortoise and I just recently found this forum as well and I have some questions about the enclosure and if anyone can give me some help or tips it would be greatly appreciated! First off I live in Arizona and plan on an outside enclosure once the little guy...
  5. I

    First enclosure , any advice or changes needed?

    I recently acquired my first tortoise a leopard tortoise and it’s quite different from my normal reptile and invert setups that I’m used to . Is there any advice I can get to improve what I have and make his home as best as it can be ! (here’s some pics of his crib )
  6. RobynandLeo

    New Baby leopard- lethargic and one eye closed

    I have had my baby leopard for about 3 weeks now and up until the last few days he has been fine. Eating and very lively (as well as going to the toilet in his water every few days). But yesterday he was very lethargic, sleepy and spent most of the day with one eye closed. I’m worried there’s...
  7. S

    My baby Leopard Tortoise is very sick and I don't know what it is!

    hello, I purchased a baby leopard tortoise about a year ago, and he or she still hasnt grown much, seems to be always dehydrated, has symptoms of MBD (malleable shell and lathargicness) which I'm trying to treat, but I reecently got back from vacation and found its eyelids and skin on its front...
  8. lukarw

    Leopard Hatchling feeding patterns

    Hi there, I am new here and I was wondering how shall I feed my 3 months old baby tortoise. I give him a bath in the morning and later put him into enclosure to feed him. He always get more food then he can eat and goes to sleep and later he returns to eat again: sleep , eat repeat pattern...