basking bulb

  1. mools

    basking bulb wattage & clamp lamp wattage @ Walt's Ace Hardware is the wattage for the bulb fine? apparently it's also dimmable according to the specifications on the page. i was thinking of pairing it with a 250 watt...
  2. mools

    how are these incandescent bulbs?

    would these be viable for a basking bulb? or anyone has experience with using this kind? would i need a dome?
  3. L

    UVA basking bulb

    Sorry all but I’m still confused. I have just purchased the T5 pro kit 12%. I’m very happy with the tube light but what I’m unsure about is can I use a uva basking bulb along side it or do I need a different type of bulb? Thanks
  4. L

    Unsure on basking light needed

    Hi All, I got some amazing help with my last post so thought I’d ask you guys anoth question. I have just bought the T5 pro kit 24w tube light and I’m now wondering what basking light to use. I have a heat only one at the moment but I’m wondering if that’s all I need or would I be better with...
  5. SinLA

    Trouble getting basking spot hot enough? Please advise re: my setup...

    So I've had Fezzik about a month now (~4yo, 4.5" male russian), and I inherited various lights and lighting setups that are not good. He had a red floodlight that was 75 watts that he very much likes sitting under, but it only got the spot underneath into the mid 80s. I replaced it with a 100...
  6. keiferdoss

    Can't Find Any Incandescent Flood Lights

    I can't seem to find any incandescent flood light bulbs that are local or available to ship to me. Any recommendations on alternative lighting for a basking spot? I was wondering if anyone has used a CHE bulb for the basking spot or if that wouldn't work. I'm getting a baby eastern Hermann's...
  7. T

    Enclosure Queries

    Hello, I'm currently trying to set up my adult Russian's new 8x3ft wooden vivarium but would really appreciate some advice on a few things please before I move him in there: - There seems to be little black bugs all in the orchid bark, like really tiny flies. Does anyone know how I can get rid...
  8. L

    Help with RES turtle lighting

    Hi! I have a 20 year old read ear slider turtle that has she'll rot. I wasn't aware that the turtle needs an UVB light in addition to the basking spot light. The turtle received a D3 shot treatment and the shell improved over the summer because she's outside. Now that fall is coming, I'm in a...
  9. ErinH

    Incandescent bulbs?

    I live in California and apparently these are banned? I'm so confused. If I'm looking for regular basking bulbs what's the difference between "incandescent equivalent" and the incandescent that can't be shipped to me?? Help me, I don't know things.
  10. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Please help with Redfoot hatchling lighting!

    Ok so I have been looking at about a thousand threads now about lighting and there are so many different opinions my Brain is gonna explode! I will be getting a Redfoot hatchling soon and want everything to be perfect when he/she arrives! Right now I have a enclosure that is 3 feet long 2 feet...
  11. KieranMcKeown

    Alaska update

    Hey all! Just thought I'd give you all an update on my little Alaska since you all gave me some great advice. So I bought her a new, higher watt bulb and it worked magic! Within the first 5 mins of turning it on Alaska opened her eyes by herself and started walking around and eating some food...