1. Zenpsyche

    New Hermann’s Tortoise questions 🐢

    Hi ya’ll!!! I am somewhat new to this forum but I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past months… Last week I got a new amazing Hermans tortoise from a really sweet privately owned pet shop. I’m guessing he is about a year and a half to two years old. He’s about 5 inches in length. The...
  2. L

    I accidentally left baby tort in poop water for an hour…

    Hello! I have a baby sulcata that I found as a stray in my backyard 6 months ago (my neighbors breed them turns out and he was an escaped baby). I’ve been very good about taking care of him and trying to get his diet right, etc… He always poops in his water bowl (a casserole dish I use just...
  3. IMG_20211209_104038775.jpg


    New bigger bath :>
  4. Z

    Jumping in water!

    Hi! I have a Herman’s tortoise who is only one year old, and we currently bathe him once every two days, as advised. The water is always no higher than his chin, and the water temperature is always the same, as it comes out of a controlled tap. We have had him for 8 weeks now, and he normally...
  5. bloodyapa

    Is there something wrong with my Red Foot?

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I have about a year with my tortoise and recently I’ve noticed that she/he likes to be in the water the whole day. He likes to be under the basking light in the water and sometimes he goes under his tree but his body is still in the water. not sure if...
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    Cid O Parker First bath he LOVED IT
  7. AmeliaJ

    Picking up and transferring

    Hello everybody!! I've seen a lot about how tortoises don't necessarily like to be handled however I was wondering how everybody gets them to and from for bathing time and roaming time etc. I'm a first time tortoise owner so any advice about anything, let alone this topic is greatly...
  8. J

    my tortoise has no urates just liquid that is colored white.

    I need help I soaked my tortoise for about 45 mins and later that day. I took her out and put her on my floor with a table cloth there and her urates were non-existent and just white liquid.russain tortoise
  9. S

    Does my girl have shell rot?

    I was giving my little one a soak and as usual, I check over her shell to see if she is okay. (When I first got her, she had chips missing from her shell) Nothing seemed out of the usual until I flipped her over and seen this pink spot. It's not soft, but it does bubble out VERY slightly. I'm...
  10. TortSpeed

    Bath/Soak Twice in a row??

    Torts drink water when they soak... When they go to the bathroom in the water can I assume they drank first?? Or should I change it as soon as he goes then let him soak?
  11. D

    New Leopard Tortoise! Don't know if she is healthy!

    HEALTH ISSUES: I recently got a beautiful leopard tortoise hatchling on August 26, 2018. She seemed pretty active at the pet store and quite healthy. I knew that when I brought her home she would take a few days to adjust to her new life and new enclosure. However, I didn't see her exploring...
  12. M

    Cleaning a Tortoise's Shell

    My partner and I adopted a red-footed tortoise from a less than ideal condition last August (now March). He had been living with two old dogs who would sometimes pee and poop on the floor and he roamed the same indoor space they did so, when we got him, he had the smell of dog urine on his...
  13. TortyDxb

    Bathing an aldabra

    So a daily 25 minute soak is going on in a big tub under a shower tap. I couldn't recommend this enough. I think it is an excellent routine thing as it guarantees a drink (if needed) and, more often than not, a big old poop. I have the water quite hot, hand in water feels hot to warm - but...