california desert tortoise

  1. D

    Mr. T’s Hurt Leg

    We have, some type of, California Desert Tortoise that has recently been injured. For some time, not sure how long, he was stuck with a lead/rope around his front arm that was left on a chair in the yard after a dog bath. Somehow the tortoise had managed to get it so tightly wrapped around his...
  2. Sandy Murrieta

    Hello from Murrieta, CA

    Sorry I forgot to introduce myself before posting a help question. I did give a small background in the help request, lol Anyway, I grew up with Arkansas box type turtles. My grandparents moved to Arkansas when I was young. On my summer visits I would bring one home until I had 5, I only...
  3. Sandy Murrieta

    Re-homing back to California, Advise... Please

    Hello, I'm going to give a little back ground so you understand my situation. Last August, 2017. My patents moved from Norwalk, CA to Missouri. They have a California desert tortious. Unsure of his age, he's about 12 inches, maybe more. I do know my mother raised him from a hatchling. A client...
  4. Totally_Tortoise

    Sad, malnourished CDT what should I do? (my GF's Cousin)

    My girl friends cousin has a Mojave desert tortoise ( I am very certain it is) and she has no licence and the tortoise is in horrible shape, and she doesn't wanna give her to an adoption place, or anywhere. I think I can try to convince her to let me have her tort, but she will only let me have...
  5. D

    California Desert Tortoise up for adoption

    I no longer have a suitable environment for my California Desert Tortoises and need to find a new home for them. I live in Culver City, CA. I have someone who is going to take one this weekend, but the other will still need a home. I can add measurements and photographs if there is interest...