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Nov 30, 2021
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Tustin, CA
Quick question about the humidity in my new enclosure. During the day with their basking lamp on my analog humidity gauge read around 50% humidity but now that it is night and the heat lamp is off the humidity gauge reads 80-90%. That seems odd to me since I do not currently have a cover over my tank just the mesh screen. From what I have read here I’d like to have the humidity between 40-70%.

Some additional info:
- I have a heat pad on top of their hide set to 73 on a thermostat. I always see here that humid and warm is okay but humid and cold is definitely not good, what is considered cold? Should I raise the temp higher than 73 until I figure out my humidity issue or is 73 good even if humid.
- I am using 3 inches of damp coco coir substrate. I have a glass tank and there water droppings inside the tank where the coco coir is against the glass at the bottom. It doesnt feel overly wet or have visible water other than the water beads on the sides.
- I am using an analog humidity/temperature gauge but have ordered digital ones since this one seemed weird to be up to 90%. The gauge is in the middle of the tank.
- I live in Tustin, CA and according to google the normal outdoor humidity is 55%-70%

Am I doing anything wrong? Where can I make changes/improvements?

Is this okay for the CDT hatchlings, if not how do I get the humidity to go down?

Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks/advice!


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Jan 9, 2010
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Cooler air can hold less moisture. As your air cools after the heat lamps shut off, the humidity will rise. This is normal and fine. Cooler damp air is fine for temperate species during their nights, as long as they can bask and warm up the next day. Cold and damp would not be good for tropical species.

I don't worry much about ambient humidity. Use damp substrate and a humid hide, and they should be good. You've got both, so you should be golden. If anything, I'd cover some of the top to keep it warmer and more humid during the day.

The humidity in your area has little to do with the humidity inside your tank inside your home. This applies even in humid climates like Florida.

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