1. Joemunro

    Finding a Sulcata breeder in the UK

    Hi, I’m sure this tread has been posted before… But I’m looking to buy a sulcata hatchling as young as possible in the UK. I’m struggling to find a private breeder. I currently have some different breeds of tortoise and love caring for them. If there is a breeder or anyone knows of a breeder...
  2. Lallyzippo

    Carol S thanks for my new baby!

    I just got my first CB Russian Tortoise Hatchling from Carol yesterday! They were healthy and curious :) I also really appreciate that she was always available to email questions regarding some questions I had about set-up, diet, etc.
  3. jagsrule100

    Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings for sale!

    Hey all!! I have 2 adult Sulcata tortoises that just had babies. Selling them for $130 plus shipping which is $60 priority overnight. I made a website if you wish to buy online and read more about us. Https://bustersreptiles.square.site Also can follow us on Facebook...
  4. B

    Pausing to think (photo)

    You guys ever catch your Torti in a compromising position? Well now and then I'll walk by or check my camera to see what Heidi is doing. Today I caught this girl stuck in a tight spot. It's funny because you can literally see her pausing to figure out how she's going to maneuver her way out of...
  5. Scollins17

    Tortoise Enclosure Cleaning

    Hi I'm buying a used vivarium for my yearling tortoise. Should I just wash it out with hot water and scrub it or is there any other disinfecting procedures I should do?
  6. Scollins17

    Torotoise Shell Health

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to the forum and have a yearling marginated tortoise that I got as a hatchling last August. He seems very active and healthy, but I'm curious what you all think about how his shell is coming along and if you guys see any signs of pyramidding? I would like to hear...
  7. K

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ!

    Hello! My name is Katie and I’m from the Phoenix, Arizona area (in the southeast valley, for anyone local). We just brought three baby leopard tortoises home last week and absolutely adore them. This is our first time owning reptiles, and forum has been such a wealth of knowledge. I truly...
  8. nightoff

    RF hatching carapace problem?

    I’ve had three RFs hatch out in the last couple of days. The third one hatched out yesterday morning. The yolk sac was so big he would tip over onto his face. 😊 I know this is normal. I had him on damp paper towel with damp paper towel loosely over him with a breathable cover. I noticed last...
  9. Scollins17

    Tortoise Yearling Outdoor

    Hi everyone. I have a yearling Marginated tortoise that I got August 2020 when it was a hatchling. I did a lot of research before acquiring him and believe I've built a very good temporary indoor encloser for him(until it's big enough to live outside). Seems very healthy and active. For the...
  10. RatQueen_Irene

    Hatchling Stomach Shell Normal?

    Hello, I had only briefly seen my hatchling eastern hermann tortoise's underside, knowing they hate to be flipped over and it being dangerous, him only having arrived a few days ago. I've since noticed a sort of strange bumpy pattern near the center line. Is this normal? He's in a high...
  11. B

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! So...my question to you guys is...
  12. M

    Intro and help needed with hatchling eastern box turtle

    My neighbor found this little guy after she accidentally ran him over with the lawn mower! Thankfully he was not injured, but we would like to take care of him. We have a large outdoor enclosure and have cared for adult box turtles in the past, but we are not sure how to care for a hatchling...
  13. Lady Ashthorn

    A myriad of questions.

    Ok, I have several related questions. I currently have a baby redfoot who is going to be 3 months tomorrow. I have seen that this is a debatable topic, but would I be able to house multiple (specifically 2) baby to yearling tortoises together. Are pairs ok? Can a yearling and a hatchling be in...
  14. D

    Advanced informarion needed on peacock slider hatchling care.

    My aquatic turtle adventure started about a month ago when I turtle sat for my cousin while she went to florida with her immediate familh. The only thing it came with was a fish bowl, blue pebbles, some stinky water my aunt claimed my cousin just changed, and some background info. The turtle was...
  15. K

    Greetings from NY looking for a Baby Herman To Call My Own!

    Hi There, I'm new to the community. I'm an organic Gardner located in Long Island, New York. I'd really love to find a baby Hermann's tortoise to spoil with my fresh greens i am constantly growing. I am under the assumption it maybe too early for hatchlings to be available. I do have 97% of a...
  16. Jenna Ryanne

    Tortoise Always Hides When He’s Outdoors

    Hi guys! I have a couple of questions about my Russian tortoise (Peetrie) and spending time outdoors. My tortoise is about 10 months old and up until this point has stayed in his terrarium indoors. I have wanted him to have an enclosure outdoors as well, but unfortunately the backyard to my...
  17. E

    Found my baby Hermann’s Upside Down Today

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, and a new baby Hermann’s owner. I got my tort (named Tiberius) on March 25th. I did a lot of research beforehand and everything has been going great so far, except for today. I went to visit my father for the day, and I called my my mother to see how my tortoise was...
  18. victoria.shayne

    3 Months old & first weigh-in !

    Our little Eastern Hermann's Bo is officially 3months yesterday so we decided to weigh him for the first time since he's been home with us (two weeks now!)—he weighs about 25g!
  19. catullus

    How it started / how it’s going

  20. Bo's Mom & Dad

    New Marginated Tort Parents

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are new to the Forum, as well as being new tortoise parents to our favorite little guy, Bo! He just turned about 3 months old! Check out the picture, and you can see why we are head over heels for him! Since we are new, I wanted to see if we are doing things...