1. P

    Spur Thigh Hatchling with crease in belly shell

    Hi, I have incubated 7 spur thigh eggs, 5 have hatched within 72hrs of each other, 4 look healthy but one took a little longer than the others to get out of its egg and it has a deep crease in the underside of its shell. Is this a deformity or will it straighten out now it’s out of the egg...
  2. Meena

    Light tan/dry looking marks around inner scutes of baby cherry head

    Hello! New owner to a 4 month old cherry head - and we're in love :) My husband and I are new to tortoise care. We live in Southern California and (after careful research for almost a month) received our first cherry head hatchling 2 weeks ago. The breeder lives in SoCal as well, he has a...
  3. T

    2 month old sulcata hatchling with shell issue

    Hello! I’m new here! I’m coming here to see if anyone is able to give me some insight on my small hatchling sulcata, Pete. He’s had no issues since getting him at 2 weeks. He eats great. I have him on calcium with the proper lighting. A couple nights ago when soaking I noticed his shell had a...
  4. C

    Weight Gain- How much is too much?

    Good morning, all! Thanks to everyone's help, my baby tort is doing well and just hit the 6 month mark. Much appreciated. My question today is about my tort's weight gain, more specifically how much weight is too much? Below is the measurements I have taken since I got him in January: Jan...
  5. Cooksmorrell

    Indian star hatchling SICK ?

    I have an Indian star hatchling now for about a month. She was about a month old when I got her and she’s been super active eating great and everything was fine. Two days ago I noticed she didn’t move all day or open her eyes. I gave her a warm soak and put her back in her enclosure. I noticed...
  6. fourtorts

    Welcome to the world! Hatchling question

    Hi! Yolk sac question here: All our babies have hatched, and are doing very well. Keeping it humid, soaking and they are all eating and moving around and exploring. These two were born a bit more slowly and have a some yolk sac that has been slowly absorbed during the past several days. How are...
  7. D

    CDT Hatchling Daily Routine - Is there a “normal”?

    Hey all, I have had my CDT hatchlings for 5 months now since they hatched, and after a rough start, they seem to have their routine down. I just wanted to run it by the group to make sure that its okay and “normal” or see if there are any habits I should look out for. I have 5 DCT hatchlings...
  8. D

    CDT Hatchling Humidity

    Quick question about the humidity in my new enclosure. During the day with their basking lamp on my analog humidity gauge read around 50% humidity but now that it is night and the heat lamp is off the humidity gauge reads 80-90%. That seems odd to me since I do not currently have a cover over my...
  9. D

    New Desert Tortoise Hatchling Owner Seeking Advice

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but happy to be here to learn and hopefully one day contribute! My grandmas desert tortoise laid 9 eggs this year and in September 7 of them hatched. My grandma gave me the 7 hatchlings. They have been seemingly great the past 3 months until this week when I went...
  10. RatQueen_Irene

    Kepler's Growth

    He's grown so much, from 1.25 inches to 3 inches in 5 months c:
  11. BuzBuz

    Heidi being Heidi

    She loves her Cantaloupe!
  12. T

    Desperate help with baby desert tortoise!!!

    Hi! My neighbor has desert tortoises and they found a newborn baby desert tortoise last week in their backyard. I’ve been trying to help them figure out care for the baby as the couple is older and not great with technology. I actually have a sulcata tortoise, but have never raised babies so I’m...
  13. Joemunro

    Finding a Sulcata breeder in the UK

    Hi, I’m sure this tread has been posted before… But I’m looking to buy a sulcata hatchling as young as possible in the UK. I’m struggling to find a private breeder. I currently have some different breeds of tortoise and love caring for them. If there is a breeder or anyone knows of a breeder...
  14. Lallyzippo

    Carol S thanks for my new baby!

    I just got my first CB Russian Tortoise Hatchling from Carol yesterday! They were healthy and curious :) I also really appreciate that she was always available to email questions regarding some questions I had about set-up, diet, etc.
  15. jagsrule100

    Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings for sale!

    Hey all!! I have 2 adult Sulcata tortoises that just had babies. Selling them for $130 plus shipping which is $60 priority overnight. I made a website if you wish to buy online and read more about us. Https://bustersreptiles.square.site Also can follow us on Facebook...
  16. BuzBuz

    Pausing to think (photo)

    You guys ever catch your Torti in a compromising position? Well now and then I'll walk by or check my camera to see what Heidi is doing. Today I caught this girl stuck in a tight spot. It's funny because you can literally see her pausing to figure out how she's going to maneuver her way out of...
  17. Scollins17

    Tortoise Enclosure Cleaning

    Hi I'm buying a used vivarium for my yearling tortoise. Should I just wash it out with hot water and scrub it or is there any other disinfecting procedures I should do?
  18. Scollins17

    Torotoise Shell Health

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to the forum and have a yearling marginated tortoise that I got as a hatchling last August. He seems very active and healthy, but I'm curious what you all think about how his shell is coming along and if you guys see any signs of pyramidding? I would like to hear...
  19. K

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ!

    Hello! My name is Katie and I’m from the Phoenix, Arizona area (in the southeast valley, for anyone local). We just brought three baby leopard tortoises home last week and absolutely adore them. This is our first time owning reptiles, and forum has been such a wealth of knowledge. I truly...
  20. nightoff

    RF hatching carapace problem?

    I’ve had three RFs hatch out in the last couple of days. The third one hatched out yesterday morning. The yolk sac was so big he would tip over onto his face. ? I know this is normal. I had him on damp paper towel with damp paper towel loosely over him with a breathable cover. I noticed last...