1. N

    Greenhouse roof for indoor tortoise table

    Hey guys. I’m having trouble finding a specific size greenhouse roof cover for my tortoise table. The dimensions are: 48 by 24 by 10 inches. The ones I find are perfect length wise but the width is just too big for the table, so it wouldn’t trap any of the heat in. Would any one be able to...
  2. The_Four_Toed_Edward

    Solution for humidity problems? Could an invertebrate trick work for tortoises

    A little background info: I am a new tortoise keeper (got my tortoise in February, has been my dream pet for over 10 years). But before toroises, I was quite deep in the invertebrate world. I have been keeping bioactive terrariums with isopods and other local invertebrates for about 6 years and...
  3. F

    substrate and humidity problem

    hello i have a western Hermann tortoise; in the day time hours the range of humidity in the vivarium is anywhere from 34% to 46%. i think this is a problem as i can see that there is potential pyramiding and i want to prevent this as best as i can, this is my first time looking after a tortoise...
  4. D


    Hi I know humidity for a baby russian is important and so have been keeping my vivarium nice and humid but I'm having issues controlling it of course with heat and water you get condensation the condensation gathers on the glass and runs down making the wood/chipboard Swell and eventually rot...
  5. Kisobel

    Hermann Tortoise Vivarium Help.

    Heya peeps, Been a bit since I posted on here as things have definitely improved with Herman. (again original name I know), For those whom know nothing about Herman, he is about 1 years old, I say its a he for easiness honestly could be any gender, I recently weighed him and he is now 72 grams...
  6. X

    Box turtle eggs denting in on day 54, help!!

    Hello, my female three-toed laid these 3 eggs on 1/23/24, (54 days ago), they've been incubating at 84F and 80-85% humidity. I am using a hovabator 1602N. They started denting on day 49 and it has got slightly worse each day despite me adding a few drops of water around each egg daily. I have 3...
  7. Dr22


    Hey all Im getting a CB23 horsefield in a couple of weeks, I'm just finalising their enclosure now. There is all sorts of conflicting info out there about what sort of humidity levels they need and I thought I'd ask here to try and nail down some figures. Thanks in advance for any advice Hayley
  8. J

    Baby Hermann's Closed Chamber

    Hello everyone, I have two 5 month old Western Hermann's tortoises. I originally had them setup in a tortoise table Substrate: Soil/Cypress Mulch Lighting: 75W Heat Lamp and UVB bulb I was able to maintain humidity of around 70-80% by daily misting, but now that the cold weather is here, the...
  9. Jeffweystan

    Humidity and misting?

    Hi, I have had my Russian tortoise for almost two months. I try to keep the tank humidity around 40-50% but It keeps dropping lower. If I don’t most the tank twice a day it will drop to 20-30%. I have two water bowls at different ends of my tank and I dont know what else to do to keep the...
  10. Lgi98


    Hi guys, recently got young horsefield (about 1 years old) and I seem to be struggling to keep the humidity low in his vivarium, especially at night. It seems to sit around 60 during the day and at night risen to around 80+ Any advise would be great, cheers 👍🏼
  11. Henry_andres

    Sulcata help

    Hi my name is Henry my friend bought a sulcata tortoise about 2 years ago he moved away and decided to give him to me his name is Carlos. I don’t know too much about him so I have been reading constantly about how to raise him. I have been feeding him all the greens I can buy going from lettuce...
  12. T

    Grow tent red foot enclosure

    Hello all. *LONG POST WARNING BUT BARE WITH ME. I got my red foot (my daughter's but I'm the real care taker of course) in December '22. Originally I had it in the pet store recommended set up; a small 10gallon tank but switched to a grow tent I used to keep tomatoes in (I live in an apartment)...
  13. I

    Spraying With Water

    Hello guys. I spray my tortoises and their enclosure in order to increase the humidity. The spray bottle I use pulverizes the water and I was wondering would there be any problems if my tortoises inhaled it. Thanks.
  14. E

    How much food for Hermann?

    He is 2 years old. Previous owner said he fed him 4 days a week. I’m unable to do that to him. He seems always ready to eat but the question is how much greens should he eat in a day? As much as his shell would hold? Also is 70-80% humidity about right? I’m using a diffuser as a misting method...
  15. A

    Humidity help please

    This is Jennifer! What Fogger do y’all recommend for an indoor enclosure for our cherry head tortoise? We have got the temps almost perfected but we are struggling with humidity staying right without us spraying the enclosure 3x a day. Any suggestion on a automatic Fogger/mister would be...
  16. Mluxo91

    Humidity - Northern Ibera Greek Baby

    Hi all - I am a new tortoise owner. My new baby Northern Ibera Greek tortoise should arrive tomorrow in Vermont from Tyler over at Tortoise supply. I have the baby enclosure set up and have been working on dialing in the temp/humidity and would like some input. I set up the enclosure/lights...
  17. C

    Is my humidity too high for my Herman’s Tortoise?

    Hi there, So my little tort is a 3 year old Herman’s tortoise and after a recent visit to the vets I have him in new vivarium. However I’m noticing that the humidity is really high (mid to high 70s sometimes 80) firstly is this too high? (I’m finding online info very contradictory. And secondly...
  18. nameillregretlater

    Dry skin no matter what - possible fungal?

    Hi! My red foot Tortilla always has dry skin on his head no matter how much I soak him and how good the humidity is. Someone suggested it actually could be a fungal situation. What do y'all think? Fungal or dryness? What do I do either way? Here's his picture.
  19. Eve0810

    Respiratory infection

    Please help - respiratory infection We had bark as our hermann tortoises substrate which was suggested to us. We think he must have caught himself on it or some furniture and has had sepsis as a result. We took him to the vets for a course of antibiotics (10 injections). The sepsis has gone but...
  20. V

    Wooden habitat with black mold underneath

    I have a Hermanns, and he is not himself. I was given the tortoise by someone who did not want him any longer. He came in a ZooMed Tortoise House. Given the humidity needs etc it did not seem like the correct habitat. His house is on the floor in the kitchen which is above the garage so it can...