1. A

    Moving to the US from Canada with a Greek Tortoise

    I'm currently in the process of moving to Florida from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) to live with my fiancée via a K-1 Visa. My tortoise, by the name of Turtle, will definitely be coming with me :) I contacted the US Fish and Wildlife department and also am in touch with the CITES Canadian...
  2. R

    Crossing border with pet tortoise

    Hello everyone, I just found this site and I would be very grateful if someone with experience in crossing the US/Canada border with their pet tortoise could help me. I currently go to university in Montreal. A volunteer organization I work with back home in MA has a tortoise that needs adopting...
  3. E

    Hello from Alberta Canada

    Fit time owner of Hermanns Tortoise. Just introducing myself. The guy I’m buying is already two years old but I’m afraid he is showing signs of pyramiding. I’m a little intimidated about how to stop it from continuing. Considering I live in Canada I’m assuming the main contributing factor is...
  4. M

    Breeders in Canada for yellow foot

    Hi Everyone! I'm in Alberta, Canada! And we're thinking of getting a yellow foot hatchling. Can anyone direct me to anyone in Canada that are selling these little guys??
  5. P

    Ethical tortoise supplier in Hong Kong?

    Hello! My partner and I are looking into welcoming a tortoise into our home and are exploring our options. We currently live in Hong Kong but expect to move back to Canada in our lifetime, and so I've also reached out the CIFA to figure out if there is any paperwork we can make sure we have from...
  6. R

    Moving red-foots from Canada to Ireland

    Hey, hoping someone with experience shipping reptiles can help me out here! I currently live in Canada and at the end of this year I am going to move back to Ireland. My partner who I met here is coming with, and they have 2 red-foot tortoises and a bearded dragon. So far shipping of our...
  7. T

    Looking to buy!

    Hello, my girlfriend and I are fairly new to the game and are currently on the search to adopt an Egyptian tortoise from a reputable breeder. We currently live in central Alberta, Canada and are hoping to find someone who breeds or can acquire a hatchling in this country but will always accept...
  8. J

    New habitat for Sulcata

    What do you think of the setup. I chose to go with multilevel so I can get more sun upstairs and I can control the humidity better. Ramp is rubber bottom for grip and has a blackroof to absorb heat. Basement has hides and hay and lots of shade. Upstairs has greenouse roof, covered burrow with...
  9. Taylorannc

    Importing a Tortoise from the UK to Canada (As an immigrant)

    Hi All, I’m currently in the process of moving to Canada from the UK and have a horsfield tortoise that I would like to bring with me. Based on the Canadian government website it’s legally possible, however, I’m struggling to find a company willing to ship for me. Any advice or...
  10. DesireeKelly

    New Tortoise Keeper - 14 week Tortoise

    Hello! I’ve been searching info for weeks and often end up on this site so I thought I should finally join :) Our tortoise is just a baby and super adorable but the information available is inconsistent and pet stores are horrible; they nearly blinded our poor little guy with coil bulbs that...
  11. P

    Moving to Canada next year

    I have been reading all day about this. So basically I'm screwed iIcant take my little guy with me? :( Is there any way I can take him in my car with me? I would drive as many hours as necessary .it's just heartbreaking . Any ideas what can i do? Or where can I leave him? I don't know anyone...
  12. A

    Greek tort won't eat much

    I've had my Greek tort for close to 13 years now, its turning 16 in a month. I live in Canada, so the weather gets really cold at times, but at the moment it isn't super cold out yet (ranging from 15-20 degrees C). Turtle (my tort's name), has a fairly large enclosure with ReptiBark bedding. The...