cracked shell

  1. Cybertort

    Against all odds, a story of a smashed egg and the spirit of survival

    Dear all, a long time member here but first time posting, I hope to share a story about my tortoise. Best, Albert. Against all odds, a story of a smashed egg and the spirit of survival Prologue My 2 Indian Star tortoises are about 30 years old, one male and one female, the female had been...
  2. plutoparty

    Russian tortoise with damaged/flaky/cracked shell

    Hi, I just recently adopted a male Russian tortoise from my local animal shelter, but he previously had a very rough life. It seems like at some point something tried eating him (?) and the lower right part of his shell is completely missing. He was found as a stray in someone's yard and was...
  3. E

    Shell Crack!!

    Hello! Shelly was getting her soak today when i noticed some weird marks on her shell. It looks like her skin is showing, sorry I don’t know how else to describe it. If anyone can please help me figure out what this is or if its hurting her, how can i help her? She has been growing a lot for the...
  4. D

    Crack in Shell

    Hi, I noticed my tortoise has a cracked shell above it’s head. Should we take it to the vet or would it heal on its own with cleaning and antiseptic ointments? Tried calling a vet and they said they don’t deal with exotics, and the number they referred me to is out of order. Will definitely find...
  5. M

    Found tortoise with cracked shell

    A friend found this tort today. Because we have a male Leopard Tortoise, he asked if we could take it. We don't mind caring for this guy, but he has a cracked shell... not sure how that happened or what can be done. Questions: can anything be done for that shell? And if we keep him (or her)...
  6. E

    Cracking in shell

    Hello, I’ve had my Sulcatas Tortoise for a couple years now. We got him from a previous owner so he was a decent size to begin with but he’s pushing 40lbs now and recently I’ve noticed some cracking in the shell. Is this a concern? How should I treat it?
  7. Mimi_toro


    (Anyone that contacts me ill give you the full backstory on the tortoise and my grandparents ) Aya: My grandparents got a tortoise (name aya) that they dont know how to take care of and dropped it on me. I cant take care of her heres the situation : Aya got injured. either she fell when...
  8. Niki68

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum

    Hi all I have recently been given a Russian Toitoise whose previous owner could no longer take care of her, she has settled in well however when giving her a soak the other day I noticed her shell was split underneath between her front legs, I know that in her previous home she had been attacked...