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  1. S

    Adopted Russian Never Handled & Food Question

    Hey Guys, First off I will say "Thank GOD For This Site lol " I'm glad to be with fellow tortoise owners, lovers, etc. Anyway down to what I need some help with! My husband and I haven't had tortoises very long, we first bought my male (Whom I thought was a girl) I named Zoe boy or not I kept...
  2. Meet Buddy

    Meet Buddy

    Buddy is the cutest little guy of the group. Only about 1-3 years old, he's smaller that all the other, but big in heart!
  3. T

    Tortoises eyes can't open?

    Hi everyone, I got two tortoises yesterday, one male and one female. the female seems to be doing fine; I've seen her eat, and go to the toilet, and her eyes are open. However the male one hasn't opened his eyes once, and I haven't seen him eat or go to the toilet like the female. I'm quite...
  4. Turtmum

    Normal Eating Amount?

    Is it normal for my three toed to eat so little? I don’t know her exact age, but we suspect she’s under a year (maybe 3 inches from the top of her shell to the bottom). I give her a heaping tablespoon of food every second day (50% protein, 50% veg). I have to dig her up normally, and I put her...
  5. Turtmum

    Feeding a Young Boxie

    Hi everyone, I'm a new turtle mom and although my husband and I have done a lot of research, now that we have a turtle we have a few questions. Just as an introduction, this is Clementine. We were told she is a three toed boxie (even though she has four back claws and I have my doubts) and her...
  6. 1hotAZmimi

    I swear, I haven't seen this question asked anywhere!

    I have a 25 year old (140 pounds) healthy male sulcata, rescued him from being released in the desert about a month ago. He's pretty chill, loves eating dark leafy greens, carrots, cactus flowers and all the grass he can eat. He comes right up to me from wherever he is in the yard when he sees...
  7. Rawr!! So hungry!!

    Rawr!! So hungry!!

  8. P

    How long can a redfoot go without eating?

    it’s been at least 3 days now and all she does is burrows. We’ve finally i think gotten the heat/humidity right, but she doesn’t seem to want to go back to eating.
  9. Swetortoise

    Help! Tortoise displaying weird behaviour post-hibernation.

    Hello everyone, I would very much appreciate responses on this thread as I'm getting very concerned for my tortoise at this point. I own a Hermanns Tortoise who's about 15 years old and yesterday around 3pm, I took him out of hibernation. He sat under the basking light for a good while, I gave...
  10. Michael Naz

    Winter turtle

    so i live in central florida and my florida box turtle has usually been underground all day with moss atop her, and she hasnt eaten in a while or gone in the water. florida box turtles dont hibernate and she is not, but is it normal for her to not eat in a while through this cold? its been...
  11. C

    Bulk food???

    I’m trying to find decent pellets for my two Sulcatas in bulk so it’s cheaper. (For when I run out of regular fresh stuff.) All I can find is 3lb plastic jars.
  12. luna17

    Baby food for tortoise?

    Hello everyone I was wondering what other people thought about feeding your small tortoise baby food out of a jar. The ingredients on one of them that I have are just two ingredients carrots and water. What do you think?
  13. luna17

    Feeding wrong food?

    Hello everyone I have a young yellow footed tortoise. I'm worried I'm feeding her the wrong things because she is so lightweight. She doesn't eat too much either. I just recently held a redfoot tortoise around the same age as my yellow Foot Tortoise and he was about twice as heavy. Can...
  14. Eemwam

    Marginated baby not eating

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice or opinions on our Marginated tortoise baby. My boyfriend and I got Curtis about 2 months ago. He was 2 and a half/3 months at the time. He hasn't been eating well since we got him. When he does eat, he will eat a decent amount (Not a lot). However, he...
  15. S

    Please help- my first tortoise- not ate since Sunday

    Please can anyone help. I bought my horsefield tortoise who is roughly 4 years old has not eaten since being with me. He is in a tray not glass enclosure. Heat lamp goes up to 80 f Cooler spots room temp about 70f His bedroom is filled with hay and on a heat mat which he seems to love. Bathed...
  16. Afternoon munchies :3

    Afternoon munchies :3