1. P

    How Often Should I Be Feeding My Russian Tortoise?

    Hi! I recently adopted a russian tortoise, believed to be male, not sure how old. His name is Scooter, he isn’t very big. I’ve had him for a little over a month now, and some days I feel like I’m not feeding him enough. I usually give him a pretty big handful or two of food every day, sometimes...
  2. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood loving lunch time

  3. XNicolle91X

    Poorly tortoise worried owner

    Hello all my tortoise is around 2 years old and has suddenly stoped eating he is drinking and is still moving about but I I’ve noticed a small cut on his neck and that his nose seems to be a little bit runny I was just wondering if any one could help before I take him to the vets as I’m a bit...
  4. S

    Noises when eating and swallowing.

    My Russian makes this noise like when a bare foot is in a sandal and it is wet and it kind of squeegies when you walk. She makes it when she swallow normally and also sometimes when she is eating. Is this normal?
  5. A

    Not pooping.

    He is spike and he didn't pooped in a while and gaining weight... I just want you guys to check if something is wrong here.... Here are the pictures.. Some important points... 1] he was sick before, he had ri but now he is good eating good but not pooping. 2] his enclosure temperature is...
  6. Mizena01

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Could you please all offer advice… this evening I found what I thought was our little tort choking on a long piece of green leaf, which seemed to be caught in her mouth and throat. I immediately panicked, and seeing she was trying to hook at it with her arm, I jumped to help and...
  7. K

    Help my Box turtle

    Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. My box turtle is not active and has not been eating much. Once in a while, he will eat a worm, but that's it. His setup is a large square "pool" with dirt logs some leaves a fern and a water bowl. I've tried berries, but he just does not eat. Any...
  8. Aaru.


    I have a star tortoise. It's my first time and i don't know his age as it was previously owned by someone else. He seems comfortable in the new environment and is friendly with all of us but i have noticed during his meal he makes a choking kind of sound. It happens once or twice every time he...
  9. Sheldons Gran

    Making grunting noises

    Hi, I've noticed that my 2 year old Hermanns makes grunting noises intermittently. Its usually when he gets a treat, like a grape or blueberry. He gets really into eating it and starts grunting. Its this because he's happy or eating too quickly? He only get treat on special occasions and...
  10. T

    Need help making sure my new tortoise is healthy

    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum just a few minutes ago and this is my first post. I just bought a Russian tortoise from someone near by a couple days ago and he seems to have a few concerning issues. First issue was that his beak and nails were severely overgrown, but I took care of...
  11. H

    Tortoise suddenly won’t eat

    Tortellini (Eastern Hermann) is about 4-6 months old and is 76g. I keep him in a vivarium because it is terribly dry in the winter (like my own body is cracking because it’s so dry). It’s around 70%~80% at all times. Cool zone 28c, hot zone 33c, central 30c. He had sun soak time until early...
  12. N

    Why is my baby tortoise eating moss?

    My baby tortoise has food in its enclosure, but for some reason it isn't even touching its food, it goes straight for the moss... I didn't like this since I don't think moss is good for tortoises, so I put it inside a different enclosure for a while where the moss has been replaced with...
  13. B

    New Russian Tortoise Not Eating

    Hi, I am new to owning a Russian tortoise. I purchased one a week ago from PetSmart and brought it home. Its name is Benji. Benji has a large semi-translucent plastic bin filled with coconut fiber, a half log hide, a water bowl, a food bowl, and a basking rock. I have been soaking him daily in...
  14. Marisa_marie17

    Please help (ate rubber band)

    I had my Russian out in my room and letting her run around a bit and explore and I looked away for a few seconds and I look back and I see she’s eating a small green rubber band (one of those rainbow loom bands, I use them for my hair) I went to go take it from her but it was too late and she...
  15. Kale

    Tortoise not eating in the summer

    Hi guys, This has been going on honestly for years now but I feel like I finally want an answer. I have had my Russian tortoise Griswold for almost 7 years now and in general he seems to be doing as well as I can tell from a tortoise's demeanor. His shell is round and his eyes and bright and...
  16. A

    Russian Tort Not Sleeping/Eating in Middle of Summer

    Good afternoon all, Earlier this year (back in March), I noticed that my sweet 22-year-old male Russian tortoise had swelled up with edema and was taken to the vet the next day. After an X-ray and fecal float, it was determined that all was well although he had two strains of parasites. I can't...
  17. M

    Help my picky eater.

    I feel like I constantly post about my Russian tourtise. I spoil the crap out of him, and in turn he really walks all over me. At first I thought his issues with food were something internal or just wrong. He stopped eating all forms of lettuce, or anything leafy, and would only eat squash...
  18. M

    My tortoise

    So I recently build an outdoor enclosure for my RS named Tuttle. I will post pictures. He really loves it, and is really active. It's nice for him to get natural uv. I take him out when the weather is nice in the 85 range, and I make sure to monitor the weather and always keep watch on him. The...
  19. M

    My tourtise did something weird

    So my tourtise just did something weird. He was in the middle of eating and he yawned (opened his mouth) then rubbed his left eye. I know this might sound weird, but it looked like his eyes got puffy all of a sudden? He was on antibiotics then got off it. Not sure why he did this and need advice
  20. Vjola

    Munching on Bones

    Almost two years ago I had to adopt a baby tortoise. I usually take it out (once or twice a day) to eat on nature as i live in an apartment. Last summer it found a bone and went "crazy". I red somewhere that it was normal, so I let it munch some. Today I served some, tiny pieces and it...