enclosure makeover

  1. J

    Hermann’as or Russian?

    I just got this guy(or girl). It was abandoned at a friend’s house by some people that moved. She knows nothing about it. Because Herman’s and Russians have different enclosures and diets, I want to do what is right. Thanks in advance.
  2. K

    Looking for advice on my new tort community :)

    Hello guys, I am excited about expanding my current enclosure for eastern Hermann's torts where I kept a pair, male and female for a year(I wanted to have them for a long time, I got them last year for my birthday). Currently they have about 6m2(65 sq ft) in the garden, the new habitat is...
  3. PiL71

    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Hello all! I've been redoing my substrate, when I discovered heavy water damage (presumably from the moist coco coir and general humidity of the air) on the bottom. My enclosure is a unique one, (pics can be found on my profile, I believe) but I'd like to keep this idealogy and apply it to my...
  4. L

    Progress on new enclosure, almost there!

    Substrate and carpet down, heating/lighting, and tortoise to go! I've spent the last week planning, ordering, and putting together supplies for my tortoise's new table. It's starting to come together and I'm just waiting on the new lights to arrive, as well as the paint fumes from my new place...
  5. S

    New eastern box turtle mom - possible respiratory infection, HELP!

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted an eastern box turtle, Sammy, from a family member. He has been much less energetic than usual the past few days and I think (but am not sure) that his breathing may have changed. I'm not sure if I need to be concerned about a possible respiratory infection or...
  6. matheny00

    New Enclosure being built

    Ok we have had our 2 little RF for just over a year the shell is about 4.5" long. I know some of you state issues with aggression based on an image i have for my avatar thye do not do that anymore haven't for over a year. They very seldom hang out in the same area normally opposite ends or sides...
  7. Expanded enclosure

    Expanded enclosure

    A little over doubled my outdoor enclosure now that it's warm again!
  8. Small


  9. Redfoot Enclosure

    Redfoot Enclosure

    I think they like it!
  10. M

    Connecting two wooden enclosures

    My tortoise (5 months old) is currently in a wooden enclosure, so far it’s been great for keeping the correct temps and humidity along with a humid hide option. However I planned on moving him outdoors when the lease is up on my studio apartment but due to some life circumstances he has to stay...
  11. BentoNeko

    Here's my Eastern Boxie Enclosure! How can I improve?

    Hello everyone! Here is a picture of my one year old Eastern box turtles enclosure! I'm wanting to give it a makeover and make it better for her! I was hoping you guys would comment and tell me how i can improve! Her substrate is a mixture of top soil and sand, but I was thinking of adding...