enclosure plants

  1. Turtwig

    Native Plants for Three Toed Box Turtle (North Tx)

    Hello! Working on an outdoor enclosure for Three Toed Box Turtles and would love to have some native edible plants for them to munch on. I'm wondering if anyone knows any that they particularly like or dislike! I'm sure there are plenty since the turtles themselves are native here. I've heard...
  2. Marginated.Oakley

    Marginated-safe plants for enclosure

    Hey everyone, my tortoise is getting a little bored with the mix of foods we are giving them so I’ve decided to plant some edible plants for Oakley (7 mo) to graze on in the enclosure. I will plant them on the cool side -along with the buckle weed and succulents I already have planted- and am...
  3. Dcatalano

    Plants for enclosure

    I want to add some plants to Gabby’s enclosure. I see others sharing pictures of pothos and spider plants. Are these safe for decoration? And/or will my Russian tortoise eat them? Do you generally bury the pot a little for aesthetics? Share some pics of your planted enclosures!
  4. S

    String of Bananas Succulent (Curio Radicans)

    Hello Everyone, I am working on adding live (hanging) plants to my tortoise enclosure and I was wondering if the String of Bananas succulent (scientific name Curio Radicans) is safe for my adult leopard tortoise. I haven't been able to find anything online, including this forum, about this...
  5. IMG_20200523_102708.jpg


    Indoor enclosure 2,6 ft by 6,7 ft. 50 watt basking lamp 24 watt 12% arcadia uvb tube 24 inches Real plants Cococoir and cocohusk substrate Logs, bendy bridges, slate
  6. N

    Bamboo or something similar

    Hello everyone! New to the forums and about to get my firsr tortoise next week! Im going to be getting a baby sulcata and while decorating his new tub I thought some bamboo or another similar standing plant would look great in there. Im really looking for an edible plant, or at least one that...
  7. Redfoot Enclosure

    Redfoot Enclosure

    I think they like it!
  8. Maribel

    New Mom to a 2 Month Old Redfoot

    :)Hi everyone! I have been reading this forum nonstop for the past couple of weeks. We have been planning for our Baby Redfoot to arrive and this forum has helped me so much! Introducing Watson: Watson in his morning soak after he woke up. Right now his bedding is a mix of Forest Floor Cypress...
  9. FelicityExotics

    Outdoor Enclosure Plans

    I won't need to build this for many years as Durda is only 7 months old, but I want all the plans set and ready so I don't have to struggle with it when the time comes. Here are my plans, what should I change or add? I want to have a pen that is approximately one of these sizes: either 12'x12'...
  10. H

    Yaupon Holly enclosure safe

    Anyone have experience with Yaupon Holly scientific name IlexVomitoria. I have 3 large bushes in an area I could use for an outdoor enclosure. I need to know if they are safe to leave in place or should I remove them.