1. theo_piron

    My female redfoot laid eggs on the ground but did not buried them

    Hello friends, my female redfoot laid eggs on the ground without burying them, and was doing some "automatic" digging movements near them but not really digging, then she left to take a bath at the "pool", she lives with a male redfoot and they are not fighting. She never did this before...
  2. Alissa Manning

    Elvis & Elsa the marginated tortoises

    Hello my name is Alissa and I have 2 beautiful, 5 year old Marginated Tortoises Elvis and Elsa. Before purchasing them I built my own tortoises table and did intense research so I could be prepared for anything. The only thing I am unable to identify is the difference between Female and Male...
  3. Julia B

    How big will my girl get? (Russian)

    I have a almost 3 year old female Russian tortoise, how big should I expect her to get? If you have a full grown female please post up a picture.
  4. Shadowbunnys

    sulcata housing ideas/ worried about eggs

    so i have an about 6-7 year old sulcata. Im pretty sure she is female and im super worried about her producing eggs and them getting stuck or something. shes curently in a nice pen in my basement with plenty of heat and uvb and this is just for the winter as i live in ohio (she gets a really big...
  5. S

    My Russian Tortoise won't eat or move..

    Hi everyone! I posted a few weeks ago about my Russian Tortoise Nahiri and how she wouldn't eat and was very active, running around her table. Some people suggested that she was trying to lay eggs. Others said she may have parasites. I took her to the vet and she had intestinal parasites and...
  6. Russian Rehab

    Can lots of nutritious food increase clutch size?

    Hello, I have a FERTILE Musk Turtle who has laid 4 clutches so far (about half way through the season ) and 20 eggs in total. my research indicates both her frequency of laying and her clutch size are above average for musk. The breed is super small even as adults. She has also been...
  7. janschlo

    Looking to adopt a small tortoise

    Hi! My names Chloe and I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am looking for a tortoise to raise and love. I already have one tortoise, his name is Shelldon and he is a Russian Teacup Tortoise. He's about 5 years old and he's starting to get really lonely. He continues to run into the class of his...
  8. jhider

    Help with sexing my two greek spur thighs please

    I'm looking for some advice for sexing my youngest spur thighs . I'm having some troubles with them recently and think it may be due to them being sexed wrong at an earlier age. I've attached photos of their "suspected" sex. They both have a slight concave underside but i'd say the females is...
  9. Maria


    Nice female CDT, had her for a few years now.
  10. GalenLimo

    Help me determine the gender

    Please Help me determined the gender, ;) i’m newbie
  11. S

    New Ornate Box Turtle owner

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new Ornate box turtle owner and am looking for some advice. I have had a female Ornate box turtle for about 6ish months now, and I believe she is 2-3 years old. In her first home, the people who had her were raising several box turtles in their backyard. They are...