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  1. Mluxo91

    Humidity - Northern Ibera Greek Baby

    Hi all - I am a new tortoise owner. My new baby Northern Ibera Greek tortoise should arrive tomorrow in Vermont from Tyler over at Tortoise supply. I have the baby enclosure set up and have been working on dialing in the temp/humidity and would like some input. I set up the enclosure/lights...
  2. M

    Drinking water too cold?

    Okay, I'm new to this forum and a new tortoise mummy, I've had my Greek Ibera/Spur-thighed for just over a month! She's doing great, eating well, pooping etc etc I keep her in a custom-built tortoise table, she is 8 months old. Setup attached :D The clear box is her humid hide! UVB is a 10%...
  3. G

    My two Greek Ibera tortoise hatchlings

    The first pic is Zeno and the second one is Gaius. I have a separate tub growing grass and weeds for them and put them in there to graze while deep cleaning the enclosure. They didn't like it lol.
  4. P

    What is it(my baby ibera greek tortoise)?

    I suddenly found it and I'm really worried about this is symptom of shell rot. Please tell me what's going on this little guy's belly shell.
  5. L

    Where To Buy A Greek?

    I wanna buy a well-started Ibera Greek tortoise but I don't know where to get one. There aren't any local places that I know of so if there are any breeders on here I could talk to or good websites anyone knows it would be appreciated.
  6. L

    Beginner In Need Of Advice (getting another tortoise)

    Last year I got a baby Greek Tortoise and everything necessary for him however, even after following everything I had read he still died. I still have the enclosure, substrate, etc. so I wanna get another one but I would like to know if there's anything you think I should know beforehand? I'm...
  7. Agathaade

    Set-up concern : my baby greek ibera (8/9 weeks) falls asleep buried in his basking area.

    Hi, My baby greek arrived 3 days ago. He has been eating, pooping, sleeping (a lot), exploring his indoor and outdoor enclosure (he gets one hour of outdoor enclosure time daily). Everyday he chooses to dig into the substrate to sleep, and does it under the basking lamp. Sometimes on the edge...